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Web Monitors in Hermit • Hermit • Lite Apps Browser
instructions for creating web monitors in Hermit. can I create reading page updates for journals?
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14 days ago by ironymaiden
Fear, Horror and Madness... and Happy New Year! | Brian Holland on Patreon
Really cool madness, insanity, and resisting fear and horror moves for DW (or other PbtA games)


Resist Fear or Horror
When you see, hear or come into contact with something that would cause a normal person to flee or worse, take a brief moment to try to understand what your senses are telling you and roll+WIS

10+ You stand your ground. Take +1 Forward to your next Resist Fear and Horror roll.

7-9 You don’t flee but you ARE frightened or horrified. Choose 1:

You reflexively jerk back and drop something. The GM will tell you what it is.
You scream out in a quick burst. The GM will tell you about the unwelcome attention this draws.
You stumble backwards. The GM will tell you what spot you’ve put yourself in.
You are filled with revulsion. Take -1 Ongoing to Resist Fear or Horror against this type of stimulus.

6- Do not mark XP; mark Madness instead, plus whatever the GM says.

The slow descent
When you mark Madness, write a new Mad Behavior (tic, habit, amnesia, paranoia, hallucinations, recurring nightmares, vice, etc), or increase one you already have to a stronger representation.

When your Madness is equal to your WIS + 5, you fall unconscious and become an NPC for the Game Master.

Add the following to the End of Session move:
Look at your list of Mad Behaviors. If you memorably role played at least one of them this session, mark XP.
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14 days ago by AwkwardTurtle
Icon Table Generator - by sql_girl
HTML code generator for laying out images on LJ clone sites
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28 days ago by ironymaiden
sylvaine | Dreamwidth Tips and Tricks!
lots of neat things here, even for old hands. i especially like their "kudos" poll.
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5 weeks ago by ironymaiden
flummery: Handlebars
Handlebars - Flobots

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars
No handlebars

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7 weeks ago by runpunkrun

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