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Fat Loss Is a Steep Climb to the Bottom | Breaking Muscle
What is the time frame for sensibly losing a reasonable amount of body fat? We know that there are approximately 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat.1 The average person can only lose fat at the rate of approximately 30 calories per pound of body fat per day.2


From that, there is a reasonable formula developed by Drew Baye:


[(X1 - X2) x 3,500] / [(X1 + X2) x 15] = D



X1 = your initial body fat (in pounds).X2 = your end-goal body fat (in pounds)D = The approximate number of days to reach your end body fat goal if you create a daily caloric deficit equal to your current amount of body fat (in pounds) multiplied by 30.


Here is an example of a person who wants to reduce their body fat percentage from 30% to 20% without reducing lean body mass:


Scale weight = 190lbCurrent body fat percentage = 30%X1 = .30 x 190 = 57lb of fat190lb – 57lb of fat = 133lb of lean mass20% body fat = 133lb x 1.2 = 160lbX2 = 160lb – 133lb lean body mass = 27lb of fat


Let's plug the numbers into the estimated formula:


[(57-27) x 3,500] / [(57 + 27) x 15] = 83.3


Therefore, it would take approximately 84 days of a diet with optimal caloric balance (- 27*30 cal/day) for a 190lb person with 30% body fat to reduce to 160lb and 20% body fat.
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The RED Method: key metrics for microservices architecture
Tom Wilkie shares Weaveworks monitoring philosophy and the three most important metrics to use in your microservices architecture.
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