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Dupliquer son badge d’immeuble avec un smartphone c’est facile
Si tu te demandes s'il est possible d'utiliser la puce NFC/RFID de ton smartphone Android pour dupliquer un badge d'immeuble, la réponse est oui. Ici tu trouveras un tuto pas à pas pour le faire une copie de ton badge en moins de 5 minutes.
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11 hours ago by damli
Risograph - Wikipedia
about the Riso duplicator technology. Paper must be uncoated they say.
"The original is scanned through the machine and a master is created, by means of tiny heat spots on a thermal plate burning voids (corresponding to image areas) in a master sheet."
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29 days ago by piperh
Duplicate pinboard bookmarks · GitHub
Duplicate pinboard bookmarks. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
duplicate  nodejs  script  pinboard 
march 2019 by markav
Duplicate Cleaner - Find and remove duplicate files
Duplicate Cleaner: the fastest and most popular tool for finding duplicate files. Over 1 million downloads: Get your copy now! Free and Pro versions available.
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march 2019 by mrbarker
sql - How to find duplicate records in PostgreSQL - Stack Overflow
SELECT (yourTable.*)::text, count(*)
FROM yourTable
GROUP BY yourTable.*
HAVING count(*) > 1
sql  postgresql  postgres  duplicate  debugging  dba  devops 
february 2019 by chaoxian
5 Ways to Duplicate Worksheets in Excel | AccountingWEB
(On duplicating a sheet within Excel:)
“Hold down the Ctrl key while I using the left-mouse button to drag a worksheet to the right. This action will duplicate a worksheet without involving any menus.”
excel  duplicate  duplicating  accountingweb  2016 
february 2019 by handcoding

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