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Group Texting Shenanigans - NotEvenCloseToStraight
Steve brings Bucky back to the Tower post- CA:TWS and Bucky seems to be adjusting alright. Except he can’t relax, can’t sleep, and when he tries some self-relief (even when its imagining a certain mouthy genius with a butt that won't quit) nothing seems to work.
Tony understands Bucky's problem– after Afghanistan, it was months before he could relax enough to do that sort of thing, and when he realizes what's going on, he offers to lend a hand.
Bucky is suspicious at first, but Tony has (ahem) magic fingers, and what is originally a one time, fairly awkward moment between near strangers starts to happen more often until its not JUST a helping hand, because now it involves mouths and nakedness and then they are trading kisses and spending the night together and Tony is wearing Bucky’s clothes and stealing his pillows– but its not like they are DATING or anything.

They aren’t…dating, right?
Oh shit.
Are they dating??
c:15-50k  canondivergence  firsttime  dummies  texting!  avengers  romance  funny  friendswithbenefits  developingrelationship  steve/thor  ohana!  holidays  pining  tony/bucky 
12 weeks ago by floatondown
How to Punctuate Quotations with Question Marks
If you have a question that ends with a quoted question, then the question mark goes inside the quotation marks, such as:

Did John walk up to you and ask, “Would you like ice cream?”
questionmark  questions  quotes  quotations  editing  punctuation  2019  dummies 
july 2019 by handcoding
Ko‘eko‘e ka Pō Hoa‘ole (Cold are Nights Without a Companion) - Zolac_no_Miko
After a bit of snooping, Danny discovers that Steve wants to celebrate his birthday by climbing Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano, because of course he does. Danny agrees to go along for reasons that are mostly inexplicable and surely have nothing to do with Steve's warm, dark eyes or the curve of his smile—but hey, they're only going to be climbing one of the world's most active volcanoes which could erupt at literally any time, where they will be above 40% of the Earth's atmosphere and the lack of oxygen can actually be deadly, and where severe weather can blow up without warning. What could possibly go wrong?
pining  h50  dummies  canondivergence  neardeathexp!  sweet  hiking!  birthday!  firsttime  c:15-50k  action/adventure  steve/danny  loves 
april 2018 by floatondown

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