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Iranian president asserts 'wherever America has gone, terrorism has expanded' | TheHill
Ironic that he means underwriting terrorism.
Because in the hegemonic sense, terrorism also grows where USA imperial ambitions land.
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8 weeks ago by po
Tu Youyou Nobel in Medicine
traditional medicine analyzed and extracted reproducible benefit
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10 weeks ago by pickleops
Jürgen Resch: Wie von Geisterhand | ZEIT ONLINE
Er ist der Schrecken der Autoindustrie. Seine Deutsche Umwelthilfe verklagt Städte. Jetzt fühlt er sich bedroht. Hier erzählt Jürgen Resch seine unglaubliche Geschichte.
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february 2019 by martinderm
Edit: Should have been succinct -- "Many WHITE women saw 'husbands,' 'our sons' in Kavanaugh,"
Duh  from twitter_favs
october 2018 by kohlmannj
North Korea and US talks: John Bolton pushing “all the wrong buttons” ahead of the Trump-Kim summit — Quartz
duh, of course he is.
Treaties and negotiations are for weak stupid people who like peace.
Bolton likes war. War makes him feel powerful.
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may 2018 by po

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