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three two one BOOM - feroxargentea - due South [Archive of Our Own]
"It's just a soup anecdote, Ray."
The thing that got me—well, okay, there were a lot of things that got me, but the main thing was, he wasn’t even pretty, y’know? Not ripped, either, not like the ’roid-heads down at the gym. He was kinda…stringy, I guess. Took up a bunch of space, but only ’cause he never kept still. I would have thought Benny’d go for more of a—I dunno, but if it was gonna be a guy, then maybe a lantern-jawed Iditarod champion or something, not some scruffy loser that probably never landed a prom date in his life.

And I wasn’t even mad about it, not really, not anymore. Not when the skinny-assed Polack wasn’t right there in front of me, yanking my chain, and not so much even when he was. The stuff with Benny was kinda like when Frannie told me she’d gotten knocked up: news, but also not-news. But him picking Kowalski, that just didn’t make sense, like I’d skipped a page in the briefing pack and missed where Kowalski was worth him even noticing.
fic  due_south  casefic  fraser/rayk  post-canon  to_keep  slash 
august 2018 by a_phasia
Life in Freefall - feroxargentea - due South [Archive of Our Own]
“Aha,” Fraser said. “Well picked, Ray. This looks like a good one.”
“Nah, seen it before,” Ray said. “They catch the bad guys, move to Canada, live happily ever after.”
“Well, now you’ve given away the ending.”
“Mmm. Maybe it’ll turn out different this time. Never can tell with TV.”
(Maple syrup heist, yes)
fic  10k-50k  due_south  fraser_rayk 
april 2018 by reallyawesomecostumes
SRK Rennaissance Man
Benton Fraser discovers that Kowalski's skills as a detective are more a function of his personality than his training.
due_south  fraser/kowalski 
november 2017 by georgia_delany
A new country, a new language.

Lots of Dief. Very them.
Due_South  AU 
september 2016 by best_beloved
V's journal - Due South MASTERLISTS
A comprehensive list of dS fic, organized by category.
due_South  fic  recs 
august 2016 by wildendeavour
Rec: Due South Chicago's Most Wanted [podfic] read by zabira
Summary:"Of course he got the money--he's Fraser, he's organized, he's a fucking criminal mastermind, what do you think?!"

Reccer Notes:This is an old favorite of mine. It has an exciting plot, hot sex, and is very funny. I was going to leave a comment and noticed someone asked back in May if there was an alternate download while the audiofic archive was down.
due_south  benton_fraser/ray_kowalski  05:00:00-07:30:00  eileenlufkin_reccer  zebira_performer  explicit  podfic 
july 2016 by podfic_love
my lungs, they're kind of shaky
“You ever feel like someone gives you the hiccups?” Ray asked, rubbing at his chest.

Metaphorical hiccups and it's very awesome. Also sweet and cute.
february 2016 by best_beloved
The penny jar theory
“How - ” Fraser cleared his throat. “How long is the contract?”
“Six months,” Ray told the stew.
“And will you,” he stopped. Ray heard the deep breath he took. Taking it on the chin, attaboy, Ben. “Are you planning to come back here, afterwards?” (13,191 words)
fanfiction  fraser/kowalski  nc17    due_south 
july 2015 by juliandarling
Eat Dessert First - Brigantine - due South [Archive of Our Own]
Post CotW, Officer Elaine Besbriss realizes just how much she's not out there alone.
due_South  fic  elaine/fraser/kowalski 
march 2015 by wildendeavour
Locked Room Puzzle - by Speranza - fandom due South [Archive of Our Own]
"Aileen," Musky said finally, with the air of someone imparting great wisdom, "if you ever have a case gives you the stinkeye, one of the finest policemen in all the world lives not twenty miles past Miller's Hill."

From the author's tags: Established Relationship, Post-Canon, Murder Mystery

[Outsider POV]
due_south  benton_fraser.ray_kowalski  slash  fanfic  sfw  rec.all_fanfic 
january 2015 by lorem_ipsum
For Better, For Worse - china_shop - due South [Archive of Our Own]
"I can't believe you called little Stanley a tumor!" said Vecchio, handing over his shopping bags.
Ray scowled. "Would you quit calling it Stanley?!"
fic  1k-10k  due_south  preg  rayk_rayv 
december 2014 by reallyawesomecostumes
Ripples from a Pebble - Phenyx_tP - due South [Archive of Our Own]
At the end of Ray K and Fraser's adventure in the Arctic, Ray goes back to Chicago because he knows Fraser doesn't need him like Ray needs to be needed. But before he goes, Ray makes a comment that has a ripple effect through the rest of their lives.
fic  10k-50k  due_south  fraser_rayk  kidfic 
december 2014 by reallyawesomecostumes
The Course - Bone & Aristide
This is one of my favorite Fraser/RayK fics. "He would take the stutter of real over the fluent of fantasy any day." <-- a sentence that has stuck with me since the first time I read the fic years ago.
due_south  fraser/rayk  recs  best 
november 2014 by greenie-green

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