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Phantomwise - Fahye - Alice (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Hatter’s tried to explain the problem that Wonderland folk have with standing between two mirrors, but none of it makes a lot of sense. It’s something that you don’t do, something to do with memories, and Alice can’t quite tell if it’s anything more than superstition.
fic  Alice(SyFy)  Alice  Hatter  JackHeart  Duchess  Hatter/Alice  Duchess/Jack  fahye  post-series 
november 2016 by adanska
[Syfy's Alice] The Grit and the Pearl by funkyinfishnet
[Duchess(>Jack)] But she had always been a constant here, Jack’s sly shadow. And there was no one else to turn to when Jack disappeared. He had not squashed her stature in Wonderland. He was curious what she would do with it now.
Duchess/Jack  the.ship.is♥het  the.ship.is♥unrequited  c:Duchess  c:Jack.Heart  c:Charlie.the.White.Knight  t•politics  t•rebuilding  t•prophecy  [post-canon]  ❖rating:pants  #words:01k-05k  f:Syfy's.Alice 
march 2010 by grlnamedlucifer
[SyFy's Alice] The Mirror has Two Sides by mistress_britt
[Duchess>Jack] She wants to scream at him to leave, that she’s fine, that she doesn’t *need* him. Those are all lies. She wants him to stay and fix her. She’s not sure what her life will be now without him.
Duchess/Jack  the.ship.is♥het  the.ship.is♥unrequited  c:Duchess  c:Jack.Heart  t•character-study  [post-canon]  ❖rating:pants  #words:0.5-01k  f:Syfy's.Alice 
december 2009 by grlnamedlucifer

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