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Digital Strategy Consultants, Dublin ① Digital Marketing Strategy ② SEO ③ Analytics ④ Online Advertising ⑤ UX Web Design ►Drive Success via Online ✅
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RT : We are open for Culture Night!! Join us on the 20th of September!

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Firestation Artist Studios - DUBLIN
The Fire Station Artists' Studios provides subsidised residential studios that provide self-contained, secure living and working spaces for professional visual artists, in Dublin city.

The studios are let for a period of between one year and two years nine months.

Please note that the following are not eligible to apply:

- students (including those taking full-time and part-time MA and PhD courses)

- artists who have previously taken up residency at Fire Station

International artists with a demonstrable connection to Ireland are welcome to apply and shorter-term residencies might be considered.

Rental includes utilities, waste disposal, parking, internet access, use of the digital media area and computers, as well as subsidised access to digital equipment and sculpture workshop bays and equipment.

Click here for residency rental rates.

To learn more about our application process, click here

To see current and past artists click here.

For further information call +353 (0)1 8069010 or use our Contact Us form.
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RT : Learn how you can make your Dojo accessible for all next Thursday 29 August!

Speakers include founder/CEO…
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Lusca Irish Wine
Wine made in Lusk, North Co. Dublin, just down the road from where I grew up :)
The entire wine-making process is carried out in Lusk at the vineyard, from picking to pressing, fermenting, maturing and bottling. The wine is made exclusively from our own grapes grown here, and we do not buy in any grapes. We use a very simple traditional method for the vinification, without the use of high-tech filters and other equipment. The wine is allowed to clear naturally, and it is all bottled and labelled by hand.

All our wine is fermented to natural dryness and is finished dry in the bottle, without being back-sweetened at bottling as is common practice in modern large scale wineries.  We bottle into elegant standard sized 750ml bottles, and also into matching 375ml half-bottles.
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4 weeks ago by jm
'The sense I was clever was knocked out of me': confessions of a uni dropout | Education | The Guardian
Several times I have gone to universities to give guest lectures and have cried tears of pathetic gratitude on the train home – that they would let me do such a thing, get up in front of all those people doing something I couldn’t. It’s shameful, I know, to feel so grovelling toward these institutions. I listen when people tell me what is wrong with these places, the cuts and the corporatisation, that I really didn’t miss out on much, but I always think – well, at least you know.

Of course I could know. I could go back and do it all from the beginning, now, as an adult. People do such things all the time. What I find saddest of all about me and academia – this thing I have spat at and mocked, and cried over, and grieved – is that I know I never will. The sense that I was essentially clever and able to do whatever I put my mind to was knocked out of me. I used to believe there was nothing I couldn’t do, but, as it turned out, I couldn’t do the very first thing I tried; a fact so shocking I don’t think I’ll ever risk trying to disprove it.

I’m happy, mostly, to be a feeling rather than thinking creature, to be ignorant of where things sit in what canon. My internal library has no logistical rhythm. It was curated according to which books made me feel things the most, and at which points in my life. It’s a nice sort of cataloguing, even if useful only to me. There are worse fates in life than to make things you aren’t smart enough to fully understand yourself.

But, still, the university has taken up residence in a regretful part of me. I think of that younger self who didn’t doubt she would end up reading beneath that particular tree, and I want to say sorry. I want to say: I wish that day spent hiding hadn’t turned into a week, and on and on. I wish the bargain was struck after all. I wish I could have done it for you.
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Luas Red Line delayed by 10 or more minutes (@ Dublin Heuston Railway Station - in Dublin, Dubli…
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RT : Nice. return to Ireland, add date to their Acoustic Tour!
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