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Earning It - Skalidra - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
When he gets taken in by Slade, Oliver is expecting it to be a pretty miserable time since, after all, things on the Island never seem to go well for him. What he's not expecting is to have to pay for Slade's protection. And then there's the fact that he doesn't have anything to pay with...
DC  CWDCverse  Arrow  Oliver/Slade  first.time  Skalidra  season1  dubious.consent  kink 
november 2016 by southerly
Labels - SilverMidnight - Grimm [Archive of Our Own]
When Nick calls Hank in the middle of the night making no sense Hank rushes to his partners side. A shocking scene waits for him at Nick's home.
Grimm  Nick/Hank  first.time  SilverMidnight  drugged  dubious.consent  pwp 
september 2016 by southerly
Fitz/Ward- First Time, dubcon, h/c, angst
In the time between the scene where the lights go out and the scene where Fitz fixes the generator, Fitz and Ward are placed in a locked room while the others debate what to do with them. Before they leave, one of their captors tells Fitz that he can't wait to fuck him.

This terrifies Fitz because he's a virgin and doesn't want his first time to be with a rapist. So, he asks Ward to take his virginity and Ward does. Then the captors come back and they don't hurt them.

Later, when they are rescued, things are awkward between them.
#prompt  §round:021  #unfilled  [agents.of.shield]  (slash)  |leo.fitz  |grant.ward  *fitz/ward  virginity  first.time  awkwardness  dubious.consent 
november 2013 by avengerkink
[AOS xover] Clint/Coulson, "it gets longer every time", character death (ish?), dubcon
[Agents of SHIELD spoilers]So in the pilot, Coulson talks about how technically he DID die. He stopped breathing for 8 seconds or something (but he said 40), and Hill remarked that every time he tells the story, it gets longer.

Later, there's some cryptic dialogue asking if Coulson "knows". So in this prompt, the Agent Coulson we see is a Life Model Decoy. Agent Coulson himself is either dead or in a coma (I'd prefer if he's alive, personally), but his LMD is slowly failing psychologically. Coulson's consciousness uploaded to the LMD is fixated on his death and has dreams and blackouts of his death, and it takes longer (within the dream or blackout--in actuality it could only be a few moments) for him to "revive".

Throughout all of this though, Coulson is dating Clint. Clint notices how Coulson is off, and they investigate and eventually find out Coulson is an LMD, and/or find his comatose real body (if Coulson really is still alive).

If Coulson is alive, I'd love for his LMD/consciousness to find out that the LMD is meant to be a temporary measure until his body recovers, at which point they will bring him out of the coma.
Or you can go the heartbreaking route and Coulson really died, and all that's left is an echo of his consciousness inside the LMD.

+ all my love for bottom!Coulson
++ both of them feel really betrayed by the realization that Coulson has been a Life Model Decoy this whole time (hence dubcon-ish warning)
+++ Agents of SHIELD characters have appearances in the story
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  [agents.of.shield]  |phil.coulson  |clint.barton  (slash)  *clint/coulson  character.death  mindfuck  angst  top/bottom  betrayal  dubious.consent 
october 2013 by avengerkink
Skye/Phil, others, sleeping with someone for the job trigger warning dubcon

Skye really likes Phil and says she'll join the team but only if he sleeps with her. Phil finds her attractive and figures that it's definitely worth a fun night to get such a valuable team member. There is little angst, and possibly they talk about fannish interests too.

Then other team members find out that Skye got to sleep with Phil, and they all start asking for sex from Phil as part of their payment. They would accept it if Phil said no, but Phil doesn't want to appear to play favorites, also his team is full of very lovely people that he actually really enjoys sleeping with. No angst, just the team deciding that sex with Phil should be one of the job perks and Phil being cool with that even if he's sometimes exhausted.
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [agents.of.shield]  |skye  |phil.coulson  *coulson/skye  team.whore  casual.sex  *coulson/other  (het)  (slash)  (poly)  dubious.consent 
october 2013 by avengerkink
Steve/Tony, deaged Tony, underage, dub/non-con due to Tony's age, virginity
Tony is permanently deaged with no memories of his lost time. Steve took care of Tony and eventually developed inappropriate feelings for him. Tony was more than happy to get any kind of attention from Steve.

Bonus: Size kink please.
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |steve.rogers  |tony.stark  *steve/tony  size.kink  incest  family  de/aging  bonding  child.abuse  underage  virginity  dubious.consent 
september 2013 by avengerkink
Clint/Pepper/Tony, AU, plaything [dub-con]
Pepper Potts-Stark, CEO of Stark Industries and married to Tony Stark, owner of SI and inventor extraordinaire meets (in this case) younger circus performer Clint Barton. She's fascinated and seduces him. She lurks him back to her home and they have (amazing) sex and then she suggests to try something a little bit more kinky. She ties him up and then she starts to 'play' with him... but she's not alone. Her husband joines in. At first Clint is shocked and a little bit reluctant, he never had sex with a man before. But he's curious and lets it happen... and enjoys it... a lot... and when Tony finally fucks him Pepper sits on a chair nearby, watches them and masturbates...
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  (het)  (slash)  |pepper.potts  |tony.stark  |clint.barton  *clint/pepper/tony  $au  sexual.experiment  sexuality  threesome  first.time  seduction  bondage  marriage  established.relationship  dubious.consent 
september 2013 by avengerkink
Steve/Tony, AU, Slavery, “A Paddling A Day…” (Paddling/Spanking, Possible Dub-Con/Non-Con)
In a modern world AU where slavery is commonplace, Master Tony is a firm believer in the old saying, “A paddling a day keeps a slave healthy and happy.” He paddles his slave Steve every day before breakfast and any other time of day or night the fancy strikes him (Can you imagine that luscious ass being paddled? ;) ).

The old saying is a tenet of society. Paddling magazines and how-to shows are staples of pop culture, tiny paddles are sought after for charm bracelets, and Masters/Mistresses wear paddles clipped to their belts like gunslingers wore guns in the Old West. Paddle sets range from cheap and mass-produced to hand-made, very expensive sets. Tony, of course, has the latter. He has velvet-lined paddles, silk-lined paddles, and punishment paddles of every kind of expensive wood imaginable. The handles can be used as dildos (hence the dub-con/non-con warning might have to be included if filler wants to use the paddles this way).

I would love long, loving descriptions of any paddling sessions with Tony and Steve, and any other pairings added are welcome! Steve sometimes fears the paddling but craves it as well, and this society’s psychiatrists claim that paddling binds the slave to the Master/Mistress by associating pleasure with absolute mastery (i.e., the Master/Mistress is unrelenting in their blows even if the slave pleads and begs for mercy).


Tony paddles Steve causally (his limo, watching TV, etc.).

Paddling is considered an art form, and a Master/Mistress who can make a slave’s buttocks extra-sensitive or cause real tears and desperate begging from pain/pleasure is admired and respected.

Tony takes extra care in preparing Steve for paddling: he manacles his wrists behind his back but places his hand in the small of Steve’s back to not only hold him firmly but soothe him when necessary.

If a close friend requests paddling his slave, Tony allows it.

Tony owns a jeweled paddle for winning a paddle competition years ago.

‘Paddling parties’ are popular and involve Masters/Mistresses switching slaves.
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |steve.rogers  |tony.stark  *steve/tony  slavery  non-con/rape  spanking  dom/sub  punishment  dubious.consent 
september 2013 by avengerkink
Any/Clint, non-con, cognitive recalibration doesn't work, h/c, angst
The cognitive recalibration doesn't work.

Clint is overpowered but they need him back and Thor knows the only way to get Loki out of Clint is to fuck him out.

Up to writer who steps up, but I see it being Tony because - Thor's from the same world as Loki, and tried to free him; he doesn't trust Steve, and he doesn't trust Fury either. In short he's the only one who he feels he can trust to do this and protect Clint as much as possible at the same time.

Either way, Natasha assures them if this is the only way for Clint to get free, he would want them to do it (maybe the real Clint keeps phasing in and out and tells them to get on with it and get Loki out of him).

But possessed!Clint doesn't want it, and fights to stop from being forced. When Clint recovers, whoever had to do it believes that they actually have raped him because no matter how their Clint reassures them they did it out of concern for him, possessed!Clint's reactions made it clear he felt it was rape.

Cue angsty feels.
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |clint.barton  |natasha.romanov  |(team)  |tony.stark  non-con/rape  dubious.consent  *any/clint  hurt/comfort  misunderstandings  possession 
september 2013 by avengerkink
Clint/Coulson, AU, Clint becomes Phil's slave to save him [slavery/dub-con]
I want this in a world where slavery is legal and usual.

Clint fucks a mission up. Enormous! Hundreds of people die. The WSC demands Clint's head to make an example to show that not even an Avenger can do whatever he wants and get away with it.

Phil knows that means jail (and/or deathsentence) for Clint and he knows that the last time he's been there... well, it didn't went well...

He also knows, that Fury would do everything... everything!! to keep his best agent. And so he says to him that he will leave SHIELD and Fury says that he can have everything he wants if he stays. And Phil says he wants Clint as slave.

WSC is furious but Fury accepts Phil's demand (and he's glad because this is a way to keep Clint as asset). So, Clint gets enslaved (you know, branding, implaning of a tracker, whatever degrading practice you else can imagine) with Phil and the rest of the team watching and then he gets handed over to his new owner.

Aftermath? Consequences? Adapting to a live as slave? Relationship?
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |clint.barton  |phil.coulson  *clint/coulson  shield.training  mission  slavery  prison  law/legal  confinement  control  embarrassment  dubious.consent 
september 2013 by avengerkink
Bruce/Clint, Clint/Steve, he's not good for you, [dub-con]
No one knows how this could happen, but it happened. Clint and Steve are together. The others mostly think it's a mixture of guilt about Coulson's death that drew Clint to his former lover's big idol and craving for his dead sniper companion that drew Steve to the new sniper in his life.

However, they are together, but Bruce (who's devastated about the relationship because he is secretly in love with Clint) can clearly see that they are too different and that the relationship is... well... a bad construct. Steve is sort of a control freak and tries to supervise his lover's life most of the time to prevent that something bad happens and Clint lets him because he thinks he deseves to be controlled because of Loki and what he'd done. They are not good for each other.

One day, when Bruce discovers Steve freaking out and yelling about something unimportant, because Clint was... well... Clint-ish... and Clint flinches (with something like fear in his eyes?) he can't hold back any longer and he steps in...
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |clint.barton  |steve.rogers  |bruce.banner  *clint/steve  *bruce/clint  abuse  control  guilt  protectiveness  grief  dubious.consent 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Suit/Tony, Tony gets fucked by the suit
Tony is fucked by his own armor. It can be completely consensual (Tony alters it for that purpose) or it could be dub-con/non-con (the armor becomes sentient, JARVIS takes control, or a villain controls it). I just want Tony to be fucked by his armor!

I'll take recs if anybody has actually seen a fic involving this!
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (solo)  |tony.stark  *tony/other  technology  masturbation  sex.toys  dubious.consent  robots:u.dummy 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Tony-Centric; A/B/O, Omega!Tony deep in the closet (tw: misogyny/prejudice in A/B/O)
I love the Stories in which Tony is an Omega, raised as an Alpha by his father who loathes him for not being an Alpha or an Beta at least.
But in this one, Tony is not secretly wanting to be an Omega, no. He actually hates Omegas. Himself most of all, but he also has an hard time not to be prejudiced against other Omegas and like all prejudice, even if you are aware of it, its still very hard to weed out.

Now, what would happen to Tony, if he would fall into heat? Personal, I think no matter the reason, instead of giving himself to an Alpha, he would completely panik, try to get away and attacking everyone, fast beating hard, aching loins and so afraid that he doesn't know friend from foe..

Not only would that be terrible for his health, everybody would know what he really is.

And how would people cope with that. An Omega who is terrified, and even more so, that Tony Stark is an Omega. Stark who is a lot of people are not always happy with, because he seems to still have the old prejudice against Omegas.. and he is an Omega, shouldn't he be working for more Omega Rights???
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (gen)  |tony.stark  heat  self-acceptance  self-esteem.issues  hate.speech  identity  secrets  child.abuse  a/b/o.verse  dubious.consent 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Clint/Tony, Steve/Tony A/B/O, dub/non-con, going into heat
Omega!Tony went into heat but alpha!Steve wasn't around to satisfy him. Alpha!Clint got affected by the pheromone and jumped Tony.

Now they all have to deal with the consequence.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |tony.stark  |clint.barton  |steve.rogers  *clint/tony  *steve/tony  heat  infidelity  a/b/o.verse  dubious.consent 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Bruce/Clint, Clint/Tony, Clint/OMC, Tony is too intrusive (non-con)
Before Shield Clint was in jail and there he got raped multiple times. Since then he doesn't like to be touched. Or at least, he has to really trust a person to let himself be touched.

Tony is... sometimes a little bit insensitve. He doesn't do it intentionally or with malice aftherthought, it's just... it's just Tony. He always touches everyone. A pat on the shoulder, a hand on the arm, a friendly hug, you know, tiny touches and no one cares... usually.

Clint hates it. Fears it. He doesn't outright flinch, he's way too good trained for that, but it's there. But after the Loki-episode he thinks it's the price he has to pay to stay on the team. To show them that he trusts them he has to let them touch him. He is pretty sure that no one at Shield trusts him anymore and he can't lose the team now, he would have nothing when they throw him out and so he grits his teeth and let Tony do what he thinks he has to do.

It's Bruce who discovers it and he asks Natasha and she tells him, that Clint hates to be touched (she doesn't tell him why, that's Clint's job). She is (currently) the only person he trusts enough to let her touch him (but it's platonic because Clint likes men and Natasha girls). And now Bruce makes it his mission to gain Clint's trust because he thinks that Clint is the cutest guy around and he wants to have a relationship with him...

First step: Tony needs to stop touching Clint.
Second step: Clint needs to trust Bruce.
Third step: Seduce the pretty archer!
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |clint.barton  |bruce.banner  |tony.stark  *bruce/clint  *clint/other  non-con/rape  prison  misunderstandings  trust  touch  loyalty  protectiveness  seduction  dubious.consent 
august 2013 by avengerkink
any/tony edging/teasing; Tony needs to be punished
since I forgot to add something here is the updated version.

prefer Jarvis or Steve but anyone is fine.

Tony is being a little shit so they decide to teach him a lesson.

pretty much i just want tony tied up shaking and teased until he his begging to cum. the kinkier the better.

-orgasm delay/denial
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  (het)  |tony.stark  |(any)  *any/tony  bondage  punishment  orgasm.denial  sex.toys  dubious.consent 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Clint/Pepper, the morning after, TW dub-con
It's right up there in the examples and I can't unsee it. I have ideas for things that I find interesting to explore, if that helps any fellow anons.

1) The morning after sex pollen. Because nothing makes a morning more awkward than completely unplanned sex in front of everyone you know the night before.

2) The morning after Ragnarok. They find out they're the two human survivors who will have to re-populate the world. (I have to assume there's magic involved in that just based on sustainable gene pools, but we don't have to go that far.)

3) The morning after Pepper gets a positive pregnancy test. And everyone realizes that, oh, hey, that New York mission where they found Clint and Pepper full of GHB in an ally might have involved unprotected sex.

Any background pairings but Clint/Coulson and Thor/Loki are a-okay. I'm mostly interested in how these two quietly competent individuals handle these situations, and how the team reacts to dual-ended dub-con involving people they really love and respect. If you want to write the sex, go for it, but not necessary.

Thanks for the idea, mods. Double thanks for letting me re-post with appropriate warnings!
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (het)  |clint.barton  |pepper.potts  *clint/pepper  sex.pollen  pregnancy  drugs  morality  dubious.consent 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Everyone believes Clint is a Life Model Decoy- (Clint/Coulson preferred but any or Gen is fine)
TW: mind control and dub con depending on how it's written.

Basically there is a mole in SHIELD and Clint stumbles upon them. The mole decides to instead of kill Clint, to use him as another minion and either implants something or uses straight up magic, and sends him back to SHEILD unable to tell anyone what's happening or not follow the moles orders (and to a lesser extent anyone else's.

The mole also is a shape shifter, or works in R&D or HR or has control of someone else up in the food chain and tells everyone that Clint is actually dead or away on a long term assignment and THIS strangely obedient Clint is a life model decoy.

I'd like to see Clint struggling to find the line where he's allowed to be himself and potentially clue someone else in by some code and the line where the magic turns him back and he is forced to 'glitch' or something to make people believe he really is just a good copy.

Meanwhile Shield people are telling LMD Clint how they miss real clint and are kinda pissed about having the fake around. Maybe Coulson or whoever you want to pair Clint with has sex with him and tries to make him 'be like Clint' or something.

Eventually Clint gets the message across or someone discovers the truth. (I can picture Tony being like...uh why are you all treating Barton so weird? And laughing his ass off that they thought something he hadn't designed could be THAT convincing and not real.)

Happy ending please!
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  (gen)  |clint.barton  |phil.coulson  *clint/coulson  shield.training  mind.control  mindfuck  magic  discovery  mission  betrayal  dubious.consent 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Avengers (ABDL) (Rape)
The male Avengers enjoy having sex with each other but won't allow Natasha to join in or have sex with anyone; in fact they baby her.

Overall: Avenger guys get it on alot. Loki comes and Natasha tries to get it on with him. Loki rapes Natasha. The male Avenger's are unsure if they should punish Natasha or comfort her; they end up spanking her and diapering her.

Want: Lots of fluff. And anything else the writer wants.
#prompt  §round:017  #unfilled  (het)  *loki/natasha  non-con/rape  diapers  age.play  dubious.consent 
march 2013 by avengerkink
Steve/Any (prefer male) Forced into place, Forced Blowjob TW: Concent issues
Okay, so let's just say I've see a few more "Steve's a total Kink and his partner KNOWS/LOVES it!" prompts and fics than vanilla!Steve ones.

So Steve is vanilla... I mean TOTALLY, vanilla. As in (this is why I said prefered Male partner) anal sex is about as 'kinky' as he gets vanilla... So his partner decides that the good Cap just needs a little nudge in the right direction to expand his view on sex.

So, to the prompt! Forced into place style bondage (Which I kind of seeing Steve not really consenting to but going along with it rather than hurting his partner with his stength) the type that once he's in it Steve CAN NOT break that damn things! (Hence consent issues) But Steve is a sport about it, "Okay, you proved you can pin me, now let me up" kind of thing.

So now partner has a yummy supersoldier tied up in their bed... yeah, they ain't letting him up just yet. Steve ends up getting blown, and all he can do is pull against the bindings the entire time.

Bonus if at one point he actually breaks free and just claws at the sheets and when his partner pulls away to see what happened his says "Don't stop!"

Extra bonus if afterword Steve is just being his usual cuddle!self and kind of nudges his partner going "So, anything else 'new' you want to try?" AKA "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"
#prompt  #filled  (slash)  §round:015  |steve.rogers  dubious.consent 
february 2013 by avengerkink

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