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We compiled the best and most authentic sounding user made effects, perfectly suited for your next spaced-out
dub  from twitter_favs
12 weeks ago by tjweir
50 of the greatest Trojan Records
The iconic British reggae label officially turns fifty this year. via Pocket
pocket  reggae  digging  discovery  dub  trojan  trojan.records  uk 
12 weeks ago by jburkunk
A beginner's guide to Mikey Dread
Reggae fans may already be familiar with the way that a few noteworthy singer-songwriters became record producers to gain better control of their own destinies, but Mikey’s trajectory was particularly unusual, moving from student fan to audio engineer, and then to radio programmer, recording artist, and ultimately record producer, yielding one of the most unusual catalogues of all.
reggae  dub 
august 2018 by josephaleo
FACT mix 663 - Space Afrika (July '18) by FACT | FACT | Free Listening on SoundCloud
FACT mix 663 - Space Afrika (July '18) by FACT Ambient dub explorers Space Afrika move into transcendental realms on this gusty blend of abstract, bass-heavy moods and textures. For more info and tracklist head here: https://ift.tt/2uN0sYJ
ifttt  soundcloud  Drone  Dub  Experimental  Bass  Techno  favorite 
july 2018 by stringbot
ECHO BEACH | International Dub Reggae
Dub Reggae record label from Hamburg, Germany
music  dub  germany  label 
july 2018 by edzard

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