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Spilt on the Ground like Water - tisfan
Tony has been black-bagged and illegally held at the Raft. Steve has no intentions of going to rescue him.

But the Winter Soldier isn't going to leave him behind.
buckybrainwashingproblems!  incarcerated!  ambiguous/openending  tonys/buckyb  firsttime  canon:civilwar  torture!  dub/non-con  abducted!  c:-15k  angsty  canondivergence  avengers  wintersoldier! 
9 weeks ago by floatondown
The One Where Tony Is The Meat In A Supersoldier Sandwich - WhisperElmwood
Alternatively titled: 'What Crawled Up Tony's Ass?'

Tony spends three hours with a plug up his ass battling knock-off Chitauri robots in Central Park, then Steve and Bucky find out and, well, things go from there really.
canondivergence  c:15-50k  kink:overstim  menage  sexy  kink:toys  kink:d/s  pwp  pwp*  kink:dp  stever/tonys/buckyb  kink:dominant  kink:aftercare  firsttime  kink:needy/overwrought  dub/non-con  kink:biting  avengers  kink:cockring  kink:rough 
11 weeks ago by floatondown
Eternal Piece of Me - Potrix
“What the actual fuck?” Tony blurts, incredulous, when the thick steel door slams shut with a resoundingly final clang. “Am I dreaming? No, seriously, is this a dream? A nightmare? What the hell did you drug me with? Because you,” he says, turning away from the where he’s fruitlessly yelling at the ventilation grid to point an accusing finger at the man who’d very unceremoniously been shoved into the room just a moment earlier, “are supposed to be dead.”
mpreg  alpha/beta/omega  firstmeeting!  abducted!  bonding!  tonys/buckyb  sexy  kink:heat  alternatereality  soulmates!  avengers  dub/non-con  buckybrainwashingproblems!  canondivergence 
11 weeks ago by floatondown
Eternal Piece of Me - Potrix
“What the actual fuck?” Tony blurts, incredulous, when the thick steel door slams shut with a resoundingly final clang. “Am I dreaming? No, seriously, is this a dream? A nightmare? What the hell did you drug me with? Because you,” he says, turning away from the where he’s fruitlessly yelling at the ventilation grid to point an accusing finger at the man who’d very unceremoniously been shoved into the room just a moment earlier, “are supposed to be dead.”
tonys/buckyb  sexy  alpha/beta/omega  mpreg  dub/non-con  avengers  kink:heat  canondivergence  buckybrainwashingproblems!  soulmates!  bonding!  alternatereality  firstmeeting!  abducted! 
11 weeks ago by floatondown
What I Used To Be - thepinupchemist
When the police uncover a hidden sub-basement in the home of criminal Alexander Pierce and find a tortured omega and his three pups, they bring them to the Stark Omega Clinic, a non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating traumatized omegas.

After dark in September 2005, fourteen year old Bucky Barnes vanished. Eleven years and three pups later, he is far from the boy that went missing from a suburban neighborhood outside of Denver.

Steve Rogers is an alpha of some means. When he came into money, he decided to use what he had for good and sign up as a candidate to be a support alpha for his close friend Tony's charitable clinic. When he takes on the task of helping reintegrate Bucky and his pups into the world, he doesn't expect to fall so hard.
livingtogether!  abducted!  kissing!  family!  parents!  kink:heat  feelings!  trauma:emotional  humanau  stever/buckyb  trauma:mental  adopt!/takecareof!  gettingbetter  mentalhealthissues  trauma:abuse  emotionalhurt/comfort  drama  consentissues  slowbuild  trauma:sexual  rescue!  c:100-200k  avengers  romance  hurt/comfort  incarcerated!  ptsd!  depression!  dub/non-con  angst+happyending  traumaaftermath  anxiety!  alpha/beta/omega  tearjerker 
12 weeks ago by floatondown
Stone Cold - prisma134
Brock Rumlow was sleek and caring and kind and oh so doting on Steve when they first met. Steve didn't know where he got the money from, and truth be told he didn't really want to know. But then, reality came crashing down. Steve Rogers was nothing but a phantom and a whisk of a memory until the day that Bucky Barnes stepped into his life.


A mob AU in which Steve is a captive under his once boyfriend, and Bucky saves him while in the midst of a raiding party.
artist!  humanau  dub/non-con  trauma:sexual  rescue!  gettingbetter  c:15-50k  firsttime  touchstarved!  avengers  mentalhealthissues  trauma:emotional  romance  developingrelationship  abandoned  traumaaftermath  stever/buckyb  trauma:mental  slowbuild  criminal!  mob!/mafia!  trauma:abuse  commitment/intimacyissues!  angsty 
may 2019 by floatondown
Yours for the taking - cookie_book_took
Yours for the taking...mafia steve, adrenaline junkie bucky.
Bucky gets more than he bargained for when he steals from Mafia boss Steve.
neardeathexp!  stever/buckyb  c:15-50k  avengers  violence  firsttime  kink:subspace/drop  firstsexexperience  kink:dominant  humanau  dub/non-con  kink:restraints  sexy  kink:d/s  drama  criminal!  romance  mob!/mafia!  kink:overstim  dark 
may 2019 by floatondown
Damaged Bodies, Growing Lives, Building Families - StarLight Massacre
Harry's painstakingly rebuilt world is destroyed again; then he meets Clint Barton, the sharp eyed archer from the renowned Avengers team. Left broken and pregnant, can he be put back together again? Does he even want to be fixed after everything he's been subjected to or will his love for his baby and the support of the Avengers pull him through the very lowest point of his life?
mpreg  angst+happyending  c:100-200k  pregnancy  avengers  w:low  misunderstanding  fbi!/cia!  nyc!  hp  alpha/beta/omega  developingrelationship  drama  canondivergence  torture!  abducted!  harry/clint  away!  dub/non-con  violence  crossover! 
april 2019 by floatondown
Biding My Time - w.y.back
To destroy Harry and prove his loyalty to Voldemort, Snape uses the one advantage no other Death Eater has - he's been watching the trio for years, he's read Harry's mind ... and knows how Harry really feels about Hermione! Can the trio's friendship survive this?
canondivergence  war!  pining  c:50-100k  hermione/ron  abandoned  cursed!  villain:snape  sexy  harry/hermione  angsty  dub/non-con  villain:voldemort  hp  hogwarts! 
november 2018 by floatondown
Cerberus - Crunchysunrises
When Hermione Granger's parents are murdered custody goes to her mother's sister, one Haley Hotchner.
c:15-50k  away!  crossover!  harry/hermione  family!  dub/non-con  outsidepov  violence  hp  dc!  characterdeath:minor 
june 2018 by floatondown
Roaches - Marchling
The guy who Brian had turned down was gone and Brian wasn't anywhere to be seen. Leon scanned the bar again and saw the guy's friends, sitting around their table and laughing. They were passing around a bottle of beer and running their hands over the top like they were practicing something.

Leon remembered how insistent that guy was that Brian drink what he’d bought him. He kept moving the bottle closer and closer to Brian…

That was it, he was getting Dom.
hurt/comfort  mexico!  bar/club!  fast&furious  brian/dom  drugged!  ontherun!  away!  establishedrelationship  canondivergence  angsty  c:-15k  dub/non-con 
april 2018 by floatondown
In The Midst Of It, So Alive and Alone - lcdrsuperseal
“I’m sorry, babe,” Danny choked out as he untied the ropes around Steve’s wrists and gently rubbed them after bringing them back in front of him. “I’m so sorry.”

“Danny…” Steve latched onto Danny’s hand. “Please don’t let go.”

Getting busted wasn't the worst thing to happen to Steve when he and Danny were undercover - not by a long shot. Fortunately, Danny's there to drive him down the road to recovery.
hurt/comfort  abducted!  firsttime  trauma:sexual  establishedrelationship  h50  dub/non-con  tearjerker  emotionalhurt/comfort  c:15-50k  angst+happyending  steve/danny  canondivergence  traumaaftermath 
february 2018 by floatondown
Prison Wife - made1for1life1
Brian has been in lock up for a few years now. Sure he could hold his own but this is much easier. That being said, this boss is about to turn his idea of a prison wife on its head.
fast&furious  brian/dom  alternatereality  c:-15k  incarcerated!  dub/non-con  angst+happyending  emotionalhurt/comfort  firsttime 
september 2017 by floatondown
Survival - ialwayslikedthetie
Danny was sent to a Colombian prison for killing Reyes, and while there he refused a protection racket from the guards. They figured that if they couldn't get money out of him, they would take something else.
h50  steve/danny  canondivergence  c:-15k  away!  latinamerica!  incarcerated!  dub/non-con  violence  trauma:sexual  tearjerker  angsty  hopeful  pre-slash 
august 2017 by floatondown
I Need Something More - JooseBoxx
It starts with a 'Round Robin' of truth and snowballs. Puck isn't sure when his life turned into an episode of Sweet Valley High or when Rachel Berry became so important.
puck/rachel  c:15-50k  angsty  prostitution!  dub/non-con  canondivergence  firsttime  trauma:sexual  commitment/intimacyissues!  gettingbetter  glee  self-hatred!  underage!  pastabuse  ambiguous/openending 
july 2017 by floatondown
Who's right/who's left - khaleesian
What if Brian had been on the right? If you change one thing...you change everything. Takes place at the end of 'the Fast and the Furious'.
fast&furious  brian/dom  canondivergence  injured!  amnesia!  ontherun!  away!  california!  desert!  angsty  firsttime  dub/non-con  ambiguous/openending  c:15-50k 
june 2017 by floatondown
Dark Days in Light City - Maygra, khaleesian
Brian and Rome set up shop in the abandoned DT garage while Dom's living in misery down in Mexico. After escaping from prison, Carter Verone comes looking for Brian in LA.

[Parts of this story aren't for the faint-hearted. Be ready for anything.]
fast&furious  brian/dom  canondivergence  c:50-100k  california!  mexico!  mechanic!  villain:verone  firsttime  violence  torture!  dub/non-con  angsty  angst+happyending  loves  *EPUB* 
june 2017 by floatondown

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pregcomplications  pregnancy  prideandprejudice  prostitution!  prostitution  ptsd!  puck/rachel  pwp*  pwp  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:r  rescue!  rimming  rivalpack!  roadtrip!  romance  rough-sex  scifi-elements  secrets!  self-hatred!  self-injury!  serialkillers!  series:forget-our-future-plans  series:sweetverse  sex:badrough!  sexpollen!  sexual-tension  sexualityconflict  sexy  singleparent!  slash  slave!fic  slavery!  slowbuild  smut  sociopath!  soulmates!  spn  squick  steve+danny  steve/danny  stever/buckyb  stever/tonys/buckyb  stiles/everyone  stiles/peter  stiles/rafael  stiles/sheriff  strainedrelationship!  supernaturalau  sweet  tattooartist!  tattoos!  teacher!/professor!  tearjerker  teenwolf  telepathy  thesocialnetwork  they'rekids!  thingsilike  thingsilove  thor  thriller  tonys/buckyb  torture!  touchstarved!  trauma:abuse  trauma:emotional  trauma:mental  trauma:physical  trauma:sexual  traumaaftermath  truthserumetc!  under-the-influence  underage!  undercover!  unhealthyrelationships  unread  upsetting  veteran!  villain:snape  villain:verone  villain:voldemort  violence  voyeurism  w:low  w:ooc  war!  wc:15k  west/southwest!  wintersoldier!  working-on-it  worldbuild  yeshalefire!  zombies! 

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