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[1611.09560] A duality for involutive bisemilattices
We establish a natural duality between the category of involutive bisemilattices and the category of semilattice inverse systems of Stone spaces, using Stone duality from one side and the representation of involutive bisemilattices as P{\l}onka sum of Boolean algebras, from the other. Furthermore, we show that the dual space of an involutive bisemilattice can be viewed as a GR space with involution, a generalization of the spaces introduced by Gierz and Romanowska equipped with an involution as additional operation.
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3 days ago by Vaguery
(7) Lecture 8 | Convex Optimization I (Stanford) - YouTube
the great Boyd himself talking about "irritation" type objectives. Ahh, so refreshing.
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october 2017 by gideonite

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