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Between Two Languages: An Interview with Yoko Tawada
"Among the finest of Tawada’s works are short stories about adapting to new cultures, both physically and linguistically. The daughter of a nonfiction translator and academic bookseller, Tawada learned to read in over five languages; she speaks English, but doesn’t write it. “I feel in between two languages, and that’s big enough,” she told me. Her stories often turn on feeling outside the culture, as an immigrant, as a citizen witnessing great national change, or even as a tourist."

"I look like a person who cannot think when I wake up, because I’m still quite between the sleep and the dream and the waking, and that’s the best time for business."

"Being multilingual is tricky. I feel more as though I am between two languages, and that feels like enough. To study that in-between space has given me so much poetry. I don’t feel like one of those international people who juggles many tongues."
yokotawada  language  languages  bilingualism  2018  interviews  japan  japanese  howwewrite  dreams  sleep  liminality  betweenness  littoralzone  liminalspaces  multilingualism  dualism  srg 
january 2019 by robertogreco
Notes From Psychiatry's Battle Lines - The New York Times
> Arguments of this sort can be morally compelling, for they appeal to the liberal ideal of toleration and argue for the civil rights of stigmatized minorities. However, no one is a Foucauldian in an emergency room. I was a medical resident in psychiatry when I first studied Foucault’s arguments, and I got the distinct impression that his “madness” was often just a metaphor with which to challenge authority, not much related to the shaking, hallucinating teenager that I would soon return to on the wards.

To me, Foucault and his followers seemed impossibly naïve, even complacent. Had they ever encountered severe obsessive-compulsive disorder or suicidal depression? Had they ever seen a manic patient take lithium and be restored? Psychiatrists might be blinded by their commitments as insiders, but this academic view seemed sustainable only by remaining on the outside looking in.
history  psychiatry  dualism  mind  george_makari 
november 2018 by porejide
The Transhumanism Revolution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation - Quillette
At issue is not simply societal acceptance of people with alternative views or lifestyles, but the most fundamental aspects of what it means to be human.
philosophy  utopia-dystopia  dualism 
july 2018 by fairyrevel
It’s not "Us and Them"
"When we are not sure what’s going on, we react with fear and start labeling things black or white, good or bad, doomed to fail or destined to succeed. The process of labeling something because we are not sure what it is further increases the illusion of duality. Dualistic mind creates an aggressive scenario because we project a “self” and “other,” and this process becomes a cycle: the heavier the dualism, the heavier the fear.

"Egolessness, or practicing now, frees us from this cycle. But when fear has taken over and we can’t control the negative emotions that arise, the internal freedom that comes from egolessness is beyond our means. Instead we become fixated. We live in the memory of the past or the fantasy of the future. We are stuck, unable to see the fluid truth of now."

" ... the quality of windhorse, lungta — we unstick what has been stuck and move forward."

"... to overcome the fear that freezes life into a dualistic illusion? Gentleness is key in overcoming the aggression that results from the process of fixating.... When we’re unable to find peace with ourselves, it becomes difficult to find peace with each other. So we must begin to practice peace by being gentle with ourselves. When we are gentle with ourselves, we are naturally gentle with others."

-- Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Lion's Road | lionsroar.com | 3 jun 2017
buddhism  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  dharma-practice  dualism  fear  freedom  Sakyong_Mipham  self  type-article  type-teaching 
august 2017 by tometaxu
Craig Mod en Instagram: “Today a shop worker spoke to me in Japanese from behind and I had the distinct sensation of being not myself. They spoke with a confidence…”
"Today a shop worker spoke to me in Japanese from behind and I had the distinct sensation of being not myself. They spoke with a confidence that rarely presents itself to you as a non-Japanese. They spoke Japanese as if they knew me and knew I would understand. The out of body feeling was a momentary blip, a spliced-in frame of me as no longer the other. I knew it wasn’t true — I knew I was still the me always and forever not looking the part. Regardless, it was nice to luxuriate in mutual deception if just for a moment."
japan  bilingualism  craigmod  cv  japanese  dualism  language  acceptance  infiltration  deception 
july 2017 by robertogreco
Paul as Nondual Teacher - Center for Action and Contemplation
Paul often presents two seemingly opposing ideas, such as weakness and strength, flesh and spirit, law and grace, faith and works, Jew and Greek, male and female. Our normal, dualistic thinking usually wraps itself fully around one side and then fully dismisses the other—thinking this is truth—when it is much more just a need for control or righteousness. Like Jesus, Paul invites you to wrestle with the paradox. If you stay with him in the full text, you’ll see he usually comes to a reconciliation on a higher level, beyond the conflict that he himself first illustrates. Many readers just stay with the initial dualistic distinction he makes and then dislike Paul. It seems you must first seek an often dualistic clarity about the tension—but then grace takes you to a higher level of resolution instead of just choosing sides. Some of us call this “third way” thinking—beyond the usual fight or flight responses.
paul  dualism  christ  rohr  good  evil 
may 2017 by KnockThump

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