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Ktorm - Lightweight ORM Framework for Kotlin
A lightweight ORM Framework for Kotlin with strong-typed SQL DSL and sequence APIs.
Kotlin  SQL  ORM  opensource  querying  DSL 
7 days ago by liqweed
Making Pictures With GNU PIC
PIC: a DSL to make diagrams.
dsl  diagram  pic 
8 days ago by Sylphe
codecentric/androidtestktx: Kotlin DSL for Espresso and UIAutomator.
Kotlin DSL for Espresso and UIAutomator. Contribute to codecentric/androidtestktx development by creating an account on GitHub.
android  testing  functional  dsl  library  kotlin  espresso 
19 days ago by lgtout
Android testing (Part2): Kotlin DSL for Espresso and UIAutomator - codecentric AG Blog
AndroidTest KTX is a DSL with unified syntax for Espresso and UIAutomator. UI testing on Android just become much easier. click on button(R.id.login).
dsl  android  functional  testing  kotlin 
19 days ago by lgtout
Android testing (Part 3): The power of the Robot pattern with Kotlin - codecentric AG Blog
We introduce you a robot pattern with Kotlin, an approach used for the UI testing, for boosting the test readability and maintainability.
robot  pattern  android  dsl  functional  testing 
19 days ago by lgtout
Suitcase — suitcase 0.6 documentation
Suitcase is a library providing a set of primitives and helpers for specifying and parsing protocols. Suitcase provides an internal DSL (Domain Specific Language) for describing protocol frames. It seeks to do for binary protocols what things like Django’s ORM and Sqlalchemy’s Declarative Syntax do for Database ORMs and adopts a similar, class-based syntax.
Python  protocol  DSL 
4 weeks ago by clepple
The GQL Manifesto - One Property Graph Query Language
Like SQL, the new GQL (Graph Query Language) needs to be an industry standard.
Different languages for different products help no one. An international standard will let the whole graph data market grow, to the mutual benefit of all vendors and all users. One language, one skill set. A common query language focuses support around data modelling, ETL and visualization tools for graph data, and portable queries mitigate vendor lock-in.
But GQL also needs to be tuned and agile to meet the needs of the expanding property graph data industry. It should work with SQL, but it should not be confined by SQL. GQL would be a language that complements the traversal API of Apache Tinkerpop’s Gremlin as well as SPARQL for RDF triple-stores. This results in better choices for developers, data engineers, data scientists, CIOs and CDOs alike.
graph-theory  querying  DSL  manifesto 
4 weeks ago by liqweed

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