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The Gift We Cannot Destroy by susiecarter
DS9, Garak/Bashir. "Julian has no soulmark. He knows what that must mean, and he's learned to accept it. Meeting Garak, getting to know him, is almost enough to make him think--but it's not possible. Garak must have a soulmate, and there's simply no way it could be Julian. Right?" // 5.7K. So. Two things I dislike: soulbonds and "5 things" fics. Yet this one has such good interactions btwn the two that I periodically wind up rereading it anyway. Ah, whatever.
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:soulbond  ref:oblivious  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:angst  au:susiecarter  fandom:DS9 
8 days ago by zhena
Talking to Strangers (No Stranger Than You) by susiecarter
Deep Space 9, Bashir/Garak. "'Arguing,' Miles says. 'It's like flirting for them, or something.' 'What?' Julian says. (Post-3.15: Julian learns something he didn't know about Cardassians, and then has to decide what to do about it.)" // 3K. Always a great fic subject, and this one's a nifty variation on it, with both obliquely setting themselves up as failboats. (No smut.)
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:cultureclash  ref:miscommunication  ref:pining  au:susiecarter  fandom:DS9 
9 days ago by zhena
RT : Putting in more late night hours this week on . We’re so close! A pleasure to have Director of Photogra…
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11 days ago by fgsouza
i will learn (to love the skies I'm under) - Cân Cennau (cancennau), Solovei
Summary: The feel of having a blade up against his throat nearly made him twitch away in fear, but he held still. Buckle down, Bashir, he told himself sternly. You asked for this, you needed this.

In which two middle-aged lizards accidentally acquire a unicorn through a series of bad political decisions.
!fanfic  !a  slash  threesome  ds9  julian  garak  garak/julian  garak/julian/kelas  kelas  rated:E  trans  arranged_marriage 
14 days ago by indramiel
Proof - AlphaCygni
Enabran Tain has retired, and Garak has been second-in-command of the Obsidian Order for over three years. His next assignment is the interrogation of Cardassia’s newest detainee, a Federation doctor charged with espionage.

AU in which Garak was never exiled. Set during early season 3.
// wow, wow
there is torture and an epidemic and cardassi flirting and literary allusions and the best garak/bashir tag “interspecies book club” and angst and it’s wonderful
open ending, also apparently there’s podfic
fanfiction  startrek  ds9  garak/bashir  au-ish  <100k 
7 weeks ago by heriros
26 years ago debuted! Fortune favors the bold! Thank you to all involved in creating one of the…
DS9  StarTrek  OTD  from twitter_favs
11 weeks ago by fgsouza
Parts Unknown: Bajor by fresne
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown RPF/Deep Space 9, gen. "In the season eight premiere, Tony pays a visit to Deep Space Nine and Bajor." // 7.5K, AU. Haven't seen any Parts Unknown, but this is easy enough to follow. Dwells mainly on the occupation and recovery efforts in a way the canon never did, with the overall downbeat vibe leavened by rather goofy commercial breaks. It's pretty interesting (and filled with typos). Featured canon characters: Sisko, Jake, Jadzia.
fanfic  DS9  PartsUnknown  gen  yuletide2018  ref:fusionfic  ref:xover  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:food  ref:epistolary  au:fresne  fandom:MiscTV  fandom:DS9 
12 weeks ago by zhena
Proof - Chapter 1 - AlphaCygni - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Enabran Tain has retired, and Garak has been second-in-command of the Obsidian Order for over three years. His next assignment is the interrogation of Cardassia’s newest detainee, a Federation doctor charged with espionage.

AU in which Garak was never exiled. Set during early season 3.
ds9  garak/bashir 
december 2018 by unread
Do you have any advice for someone who is 16?
"Watch Star Trek. // I’m sorry anon. I realized belatedly that I basically just told you 'turn to Jesus!' and walked away without explanation. I’m absolutely not kidding, though: Star Trek. Especially in times of difficulty and change: watch Star Trek."
startrek  tos  tng  ds9  voy 
november 2018 by djwudi
Proof by AlphaCygni
Deep Space Nine, Garak/Bashir, Garak/Parmak. "Enabran Tain has retired, and Garak has been second-in-command of the Obsidian Order for over three years. His next assignment is the interrogation of Cardassia’s newest detainee, a Federation doctor charged with espionage." // 81K, fork AU. Yeah, all right. It's well written, a cool premise, and is entirely set on Cardassia. Bashir is a house-bound captive throughout, forced to work on a disease cure (i.e., "arrest" here = kidnapping). It's intricate and culturally dense with really intense relationships, loads of Garak backstory, some vaguely Stockholm-y stuff.

But. I don't read the licensed mass-market novels (and don't plan to), and I felt uneasy the whole time about not being to discern what was this writer's own take on canon versus what got lifted whole-cloth from some book or other. Fuck it, spoilers: Bait-and-switch fic. The *TV series* pairing you chug through 80+K for is not the author's end game. It's some licensed novel rando (per Google). When I spotted this fic sitting in an old tab from last month, I got ticked off all over again. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  pair:Garak/SomeOtherDude  AU  ref:fork  ref:backstory  ref:kidnapping  ref:domestic  ref:first-time  au:alphacygni  fandom:DS9 
october 2018 by zhena
1996: The episode "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places" premieres, featuring the retur…
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october 2018 by jeffharbert

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