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Michel van Velde in the shoes of one of Deloitte's Fast 50 companies
We have created quite a bit of impact with our projects. For example one of our recent projects, NHG Thuisarts.nl (Doctor / General Practitioner at Home) is made with Drupal and is consulted by over 2 million people each month. It also lowered the number of GP visits by 12%. That’s the biggest saving in healthcare orchestrated by a website in the Netherlands. 
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yesterday by WimLeers
7 - What is the purpose of Views "Attachment", "Content pane" & "Context"? - Drupal Answers
For drupal 8, when using a pager and you want the attachment to show only on the first page
2 days ago by willcanderson
Drupal 7 & 8 Support Ends Nov. 2021. What's a Nonprofit to Do? | DevCollaborative
This is a new release model, and it’s really different.

The D8-D9 upgrade is planned to be much less dramatic than any major version upgrade in the past, because the code between the versions will be very similar.

Major contributed modules will be usable in both Drupal 8 and 9, simultaneously. This is really different from how it’s ever worked
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2 days ago by jasonsamuels

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