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Djembe Art - Das Fachgeschäft für Djembe Trommeln
500 Djembe Trommeln & Zubehör ➽ Djembe Lernen & Spielen ➽ Djembe Kaufen mit Fachberatung & Service - Wir ♥ Afrikanische Trommeln
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15 days ago by endoverse
How the Pros Choose Microphone Preamps | Universal Audio
When it comes to iconic mic preamps, the "Big Four" manufacturers — Neve, API, SSL, and Universal Audio — are responsible for some of the most revered preamps ever made.
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21 days ago by odelano
RT : Drizzums N Sharkkks 👀😩🌊👑🔥 Shoutout to of the 🦶🏾age
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5 weeks ago by chasowens
Alesis SR-18 - How do you edit the drum sounds an individual pad makes?
When you turn on your SR-18 press the "DRUM SET" button. Next press the "PRESET/USER" button. You will now be in the "Drum Set" mode "User" kits. Scroll to the drum kit you wish to edit. Next press the "PAGE" up arrow button so you are on page 3. At this point you should see the Kick sound selected. Press the pad you want to edit. You will see the screen change to that buttons current sound selection. Using the scroll wheel, select the new sound you want for that pad.

Now, press and hold down the "SAVE/COPY" button. While holding down the "SAVE/COPY" button press and hold down the red "REC (ENTER)" button until you can read "SET SAVED" once you have read that message let go of both button. Your change is now saved.

Please keep in mind this only works in the Drum set user bank. If you try to save a preset, once you turn it off and turn it back on you will loose that setting on the preset. You will notice however, that the SR-18 will have saved that change to the user kit that corresponds to the preset kit.

Only the "USER" drum kits can be edited.
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7 weeks ago by richtbreak
Arabic rhythms
Plenty of sound examples.
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7 weeks ago by richtbreak

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