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12 Steps
Summary: The 12 Steps tell you to keep it simple, but Dean Winchester has never been good at keeping anything simple. So, with the help and support of the core people in his life he’s giving sobriety his best shot, which even on a good day is a struggle. But as he works at it he makes progress and starts to rediscover himself, and maybe find love with the new guy next door. Written for the Dean/Castiel BigBang 2010.
author:gedry  genre:slash  pairing:dean/castiel  genre(other):AU/AR  addiction  alcoholism  counseling/therapy  drugs:recreational  hepatitis  substance_abuse:alcohol  overdose  daddy_issues  hospitalization:psychiatric  substance_abuse:drugs 
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A Good Man is Hard to Find
Author’s notes/summary: Dean keeps his word, and ramifications scatter like salt shot. Secrets, liquor, and bad things. Whump, angst, and banter.
author:kimonkey7  genre:gen  rating:R  season:1  addiction  drugs:recreational  substance_abuse:alcohol  withdrawal  substance_abuse:drugs  intoxication/altered_state 
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addiction  alcoholism  author:gedry  author:kimonkey7  author:zatnikatel  counseling/therapy  daddy_issues  drugged  ep:swan_song  genre(other):au/ar  genre:gen  genre:slash  hallucinations/delusions  has:author  has:drugs  has:ep  has:genre  has:rating  has:season  hell/post-hell_issues  hepatitis  hospitalization:psychiatric  intoxication/altered_state  overdose  pairing:dean/castiel  ptsd  rating:pg/pg-13  rating:r  season:1  season:5  substance_abuse:alcohol  substance_abuse:drugs  withdrawal 

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