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'Can’t save a dead addict;' Voters to decide on injection sites | seattlepi.com
Last week, the Auburn City Council unanimously voted to approve a resolution outlining its opposition to a safe-injection site within its city limits. Caleb Banta-Green, senior research scientist at the UW’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, is quoted.
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Calls to poison centers about dietary supplements on the rise
More than 70% of Americans take some form of dietary supplement. Yet these increasingly popular products typically don’t undergo U.S. Food & Drug Administration safety testing or approval before they hit the market, a lax requirement that may merit reevaluation, according to a recent study (J. Med. Toxicol. 2017, DOI: 10.1007/s13181-017-0623-7).
In the study, researchers evaluated data collected from 2000 to 2012, finding that calls to U.S. poison control centers reporting dietary supplement exposures doubled during the period, to total about 275,000 calls. The majority of those exposures occurred in children younger than age six. Often, parents don’t think of supplements as dangerous and leave them within reach of curious children, says Henry Spiller, director of the Central Ohio Poison Center and coauthor of the new study. But when it comes to safety, parents should treat them like any other medicine, he says.
Although most of the exposures over the 13-year period had relatively benign effects, 4.5% of the reported exposures resulted in serious medical outcomes. These adverse effects were linked to a few main categories of supplements: energy products, cultural medicines such as Ayurvedic treatments, and botanicals such as ephedra, which was once marketed for weight loss, heightened alertness, and improved athletic performance.
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How a Reddit forum has become a lifeline to opioid addicts in the US | Society | The Guardian
With more than 37,000 subscribers, r/opiates creates a space for substance users to signal-boost fentanyl warnings and get support for overdoses and detoxing
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A radical new hypothesis in medicine: give patients drugs they know don’t work - Vox
Why the placebo effect is weirder and potentially more useful than we imagined.
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Opponents of safe-injection sites say they have signatures to put ban on ballot | The Seattle Times
Opponents of safe-injection sites in King County say they will submit more than enough signatures to place their proposed ban on the November ballot. Caleb Banta-Green, a public health professor at the UW, is quoted.
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In the context of the opioid crisis, doctors discuss the future of chronic pain treatment | 89.3 KPCC
Opioid addiction has reached the level of public health crisis in America, necessitating a shift in how medical professionals approach their patient's pain. Dr. Jane Ballantyne, UW professor of anesthesiology and pain medicine, is a guest.
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