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A Mexican Town Wages Its Own War on Drugs | The New Yorker
Late one night last January, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, a group of community policemen met in the courtyard of a friend’s house to discuss the murders, kidnappings, and extortion that had beset Olinalá, a remote town high in the Sierra Madre del Sur. Nearly all were indigenous farmers, and their skin was burnished by the sun.
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What 100 Percent Pure Cocaine Actually Does to You - VICE
A warning was issued last week that high purity coke is available in the UK, so we asked an expert to take us through its effects, step by step.
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2 days ago by thx1138
EDITORIAL: The sad anniversary of Big Commercial Pot in Colorado | gazette.com
This week marks the fifth anniversary of Colorado's decision to sanction the world's first anything-goes commercial pot trade
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Experts raise eyebrows at digital pill to monitor patients with schizophrenia | Ars Technica
Pill reports when it’s ingested in patients who may have delusions of being spied on.
The Food and Drug Administration announced its approval Monday for the first digital medicine—a melding of a long-standing drug for schizophrenia—Abilify (aripiprazole tablets)—with an edible sensor that reports when it’s ingested. Together, they make Abilify MyCite.
Though the approval is a long time coming, the choice of an antipsychotic medicine for this advance is raising the eyebrows of some experts.
The digital ingestion tracking system works by embedding each Abilify tablet with a sensor “the size of a grain of sand,” according to the company behind it, Proteus Digital Health. The ingestible sensor is activated by gastric juices and sends a unique, identifying signal to a wearable patch. That patch automatically logs the date and time of the signal (as well as other basic health information) and can transmit that information via Bluetooth to a paired mobile device. The patient can sign consent forms to allow their doctors and up to four other people to receive the data. But the app that works with the digital drug system allows patients to revoke access to data at any time.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition
Who is adding fentanyl to illicit drugs and what is their motive if not financial?
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3 days ago by zachwtaylor
Top medical experts say we should decriminalize all drugs and maybe go even further - The Washington Post
In a lengthy review of the state of global drug policy, the Hopkins-Lancet experts conclude that the prohibitionist anti-drug policies of the past 50 years "directly and indirectly contribute to lethal violence, disease, discrimination, forced displacement, injustice and the undermining of people’s right to health."

The commissioners cite research showing that "of an estimated 246 million people who used an illicit drug in the past year, 27 million (around 11%) experienced problem drug use, which was defined as drug dependence or drug-use disorders."

"The idea that all drug use is necessarily 'abuse' means that immediate and complete abstinence has been seen as the only acceptable approach,"

The commissioners point to successes in drug decriminalization experiments in places like Portugal, where drug use rates have fallen, overdose deaths are rare and new HIV infections among drug users have plummeted. They recommend that other countries adopt a similar approach.
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