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Adderall Risks: Much More Than You Wanted To Know | Slate Star Codex
I didn’t realize how much of a psychiatrist’s time was spent gatekeeping Adderall.

For the first year, the kids getting stimulants did much better on all metrics than behavioral-therapy-only. For the second year, they did a little better. By the third year, they were the same. In the eighth year, which was as long as anyone kept checking, they were still the same.

This is pretty concerning. It sounds like over three years people’s bodies built up some tolerance to stimulants, after which they provided no further benefit. The only saving grace is that there’s no evidence of stimulants ever making people worse than normal (even on people who stopped the medications later).

I’m not really sure what they’re getting at here – surely they’re not saying just one month of Adderall permanently decreases striatal dopamine by 50%? But it sounds like something bad is happening, and since humans are more like monkeys than rats, maybe there’s cause for concern.

What would it look like if people got this kind of brain damage? One likely possibility is Parkinson’s disease, a condition caused by poor dopaminergic function in the brain. If you were going to tell a story about how Adderall could cause long-term neurotoxic damage, it would look like gradual decrease of brain dopaminergic function without obvious effects through most of the lifespan

The good news is that as far as anyone can tell, Ritalin doesn’t cause these problems, even if you give it to rats at super-high doses. It seems to be a difference in the mechanism of action.

Of these, I find the psychosis, tolerance, and Parkinson’s to be the most concerning. My most likely change after doing this research is to prescribe my patients who need stimulants Ritalin instead of Adderall.
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2 days ago by zachwtaylor
FYI: How Does A Drug Get Its Name? | Popular Science
"New generic names must meet standards set by the World Health Organization's International Nonproprietary Names (INN) and the United States Adopted Names for pharmaceuticals, and brand names must pass muster with the FDA."
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2 days ago by pierredv
Jury: Paxil Maker Must Pay $8 Million - ABC News
In its findings, the jury concluded that Paxil could cause someone to commit suicide or homicide and that the drug was in fact a proximate cause of the deaths in this case.
2 days ago by maoxian
Developing a comprehensive school program to prevent substance misuse and build resilience
"Many of the existing programs that are offered to students do not address both substance-use and mental health literacy. Research shows that the underlying success factors behind mental health, alcohol, and other substance misuse prevention programs are very similar. The most effective programs build personal and social skills, such as decision-making, and address social norms around mental health, alcohol, and substance use."
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2 days ago by jamesshelley
The Myth of the Playground Pusher - Reason.com
How prosecutors entrap people who have no intention of selling to children.
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3 days ago by jmartindf
Availability of evidence of benefits on overall survival and quality of life of cancer drugs approved by European Medicines Agency: retrospective cohort study of drug approvals 2009-13 | The BMJ
This systematic evaluation of oncology approvals by the EMA in 2009-13 shows that most drugs entered the market without evidence of benefit on survival or quality of life. At a minimum of 3.3 years after market entry, there was still no conclusive evidence that these drugs either extended or improved life for most cancer indications. When there were survival gains over existing treatment options or placebo, they were often marginal.
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3 days ago by PieroRivizzigno
Why Were Early Psychedelicists So Weird? | Slate Star Codex
Smythies was a neuropsychiatrist, neuroanatomist, biochemist, EEG researcher, editor of the International Review of Neurobiology, etc, etc, etc (also, a cousin of Richard Dawkins). He is 94 but apparently still alive and going strong and making new neuroanatomical discoveries. He was one of the first people to investigate the pharmacology of psychedelics and helped with Osmond’s experiments in the early 1950s. He has also written The Walls Of Plato’s Cave, a book presenting a new theory of consciousness which “extends our concepts of consciousness and analyses possible geometrical and topological relations between phenomenal space and physical space linked to brane theory in physics” (I kind of wish I was a fly on the wall at his and Dawkins’ family reunions).
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3 days ago by shanly

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