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Have I Changed?
I liked you more before you met the Avengers.

It's an offhand comment that Tony wasn't sure he was actually meant to hear. But he did and he doesn't know what it means. Lucky for him, Rhodey's got an answer for him.
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ann2who: Fic: The Future Is Ours (Whether We Want It or Not)
Steve drew a shaky breath. “I’m Steve,” he said. “Just not… your Steve, I think. Half an hour ago I fought Thanos in Manhattan. I only just turned up here, but I’m… I’m Steve Rogers, I promise.”
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REVIEW: Doctor Strange Fails To Live Up To MCU Standards - CBR
As it was, joke after joke from Strange — including a run about people with solo names like Adele, Aristotle and Eminem — fell flat, leaving a cavernous silence in a theater where laughter was meant to be. This speaks to the central problem of “Doctor Strange”: Benedict Cumberbatch has been wildly, woefully miscast.

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Yes, in full-costume he looks very much like the mystic comic hero come to life. But “Doctor Strange” makes clear that Cumberbatch doesn’t have the intense kind of innate charm that can make the character spark to audiences. Like Tony Stark, Strange is an arrogant jerk who uses his smarts and barbed sense of humor to keep others at a distance. But without that Robert Downey Jr. level of volatile charisma, Strange doesn’t come off as a bad boy with a heart of gold. He’s just an asshole. For as inventive as the visuals (a mix of “The Cell” meets “Inception” meets “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”) and action setups are, it’s hard to get invested in “Doctor Strange” when you’re cringing throughout over Strange’s piss-poor attitude.

Perhaps Cumberbatch’s portrayal could have been saved if the team of screenwriters (Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill) had given the “Sherlock” star a Watson equivalent, someone more relatable who could goose some humanity out of this seemingly selfish ass. Constrained to the expectations of solemnly spectacular martial arts movies, blandly blissful Ejiofor and Swinton deliver muted performances that dull the fantastical theatricality “Doctor Strange” could have possessed. Divorced from this mysticism plot, McAdams is a ray of warmth in this vague adventure. But she’s resigned mostly to rare hospital scenes, and confined to an underdeveloped and blunted romance. So we’re left with a new hero who leans hard on the arc of Iron Man, without the humor, charisma, or star power that’s made that Marvel movie such an enduring joy.
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