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iPhone, DJI & GoPro Accessories
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yesterday by cmagnuson
3rdparty | SkyPixel.com
DJI drone footage - mostly 360 panos for now
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2 days ago by 3rdparty
Live at Mysteries of the Deep | Divination by Grant Aaron | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Live at Mysteries of the Deep | Divination by Grant Aaron Opening dj set, recorded live at Mysteries of the Deep | Divination, October 2016.
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6 days ago by stringbot
RT : 【ドローンで危険なテーブルクロス引き】
drone  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by Arnte
Quick Drone Video Of Ancient Pompeii Site So Far - YouTube
Becoming one of the largest archaeology sites in the world.
drone  history  roman  video  youtube 
7 days ago by kogakure
China is using bird drones to surveil citizens | Big Think
China has for years been using robotic doves—drones that look and fly like real birds—to surveil the skies over its provinces, marking one of the most peculiar parts of the nation’s widespread civilian surveillance program.
china  drone  surveilance 
7 days ago by kogakure
iTanpura is an electronic Tanpura for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Combined with a set of external speakers or a speaker dock, it transforms the iPhone or iPod Touch into an unbelievably good electronic tanpura
music  drone  Harnum 
8 days ago by zheard

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