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GOG good old games
dam free
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19 days ago by danfnz
RT : . and dislike (at least for PIDs) because it is …
1. (digital rights management)…
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29 days ago by aarontay
HDCP unauthorized. Content disabled? : Roku
Unfortunately, HDMI is designed to break if there's even a slight problem. It's a copyright protection scheme forced on electronics manufacturers by the media companies. Instead of trying to fix itself when minor problems occur, like the digital equivalent of static, it assumes that you are using a device that's designed for pirating (i.e. and "unauthorized" device or pirated content from a CD, DVD, Bluray, etc.) and refuses to transmit video at HD resolutions. I've always hated the technology, personally. It only causes legitimate users problems and doesn't stop copyright infringement at all, like most DRM. But I'll stop ranting about it or I'll go on forever...
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4 weeks ago by foliovision

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