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Speeding: An Ode To Our Favorite Form of Civil Disobedience | Feature | Car and Driver
Many are the blessings of the automobile: independence, mobility, freedom. But the greatest of these is freedom! While going too fast.
Speeding is art. At 120 mph, you’re in Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night. At 60 mph, you’re in Ohio.
Speeding is poetry. “Triumphing over Death, and Chance, and thee, O Time,” as John Milton, lead-foot-avant-la-lettre, put it in his poem “On Time.”
Speeding is literature. “ . . . a fast car, a coast to reach, and a woman at the end of the road,” per Jack Kerouac.
Speeding is the source of America’s greatest contribution to global culture—the car chase.
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yesterday by rgl7194
How to Care for Your Mental Health While on the Road
Truck driving is a very rewarding and worthwhile career, but like anything else it can sometimes take a toll on your mental state.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
We know polluting cars are killing us. So why do we put up with it? | Abi Wilkinson | Opinion | The Guardian
A report released by the British Lung Foundation today, suggesting that lung disease admissions to hospitals in England and Wales have risen at three times the rate of other conditions, should generate widespread concern. Instead, it has been greeted with a shrug...

We should come to see car journeys as a last resort, something we choose only if other options are unavailable.
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4 days ago by juliusbeezer
A High-End Mover Dishes on Truckstop Hierarchy, Rich People, and Moby Dick
"Now the tier is about eight feet high, and I’ll be up on a ladder. The next level will be light, bulky things such as laundry hampers, cushions, and plant racks. At this point there will be a few inches open to the roof, and I’ll finish the tier with maybe an ironing board and any other flat and light stuff I can find, like bed rails. When I’m finished I should have a uniform and neat tier from floor to ceiling with no gaps or open spaces anywhere. A well-built tier is a beautiful thing to see and lots of fun to make. It’s basically a real-life, giant Tetris game with profound physical exertion incorporated into the mix. Because I have a picture of everything in the house in my head, I’ll often leave the truck to fetch a particular piece for a particular spot."
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How to Manage Your Road Rage
It happens to all drivers at some point- another driver on the road is really getting on your nerves. Whether they’re driving too slow or dangerously cut in front of you, road rage happens to the best of us.
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7 days ago by Adventure_Web
QOTD: Should The Waymo Dude Have a Driver's License? - The Truth About Cars
What I want to suggest here is that ol’ Vahid is exactly what you get when you shelter young men and prevent them from ever “seeing the elephant” in the entire course of their pampered little lives. The same might be true for young ladies, but I don’t know because I’m not a young lady and I don’t have any daughters. That’s beyond my area of expertise. But what I can tell you is that if you get into your 20s without being to handle a plain-Jane passenger car in ordinary traffic, and you are not a native New Yorker, I’m going to make a few assumptions about what kind of man you are.
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7 days ago by whip_lash
Listen To The Standard Exhaust On The New Aston Martin Vantage! | DriveTribe
Aston Martin revealed the new Vantage model last month. It replaces the previous V8 Vantage model, having been in production for 12 years with the British manufacturer. The new Vantage is powered by a Mercedes-AMG 4.0L, twin turbo V8 engine and deliveries will begin next year.
We've seen lots of videos and images of the new Vantage, but there seems to be very little content out there of the car running. John Modball took a trip down to Aston Martin in Bristol to take a listen for himself!
The stock exhaust note sounds awesome! - Video from John Modball
You can hear the stock exhaust note as the Vantage rolls past, then the driver decides to give the car a little rev and you can hear the Vantage pop and crackle! What do you think?
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10 days ago by rgl7194
RT : Learn how we detect transport mode based on mobile phone sensor data
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10 days ago by one1zero1one
What you should know about driving on winter tires - The Globe and Mail
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11 days ago by jerryking
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Car Insurance Tips: How to Dodge Deer
Deer on the roads is a common sight in the Mid-Atlantic during the winter. Use these tips to help you avoid hitting them and raising your car insurance rates!
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14 days ago by Adventure_Web

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