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Motorcycles and emissions: The surprising facts - LA Times
Motorcycles and scooters are, on average, about twice as fuel efficient as cars. Compact and lightweight, their internal-combustion engines do a better job of converting fuel into energy that makes the vehicle move. But extracting more energy from the fuel has a downside. It produces greater amounts of a smog-forming emission called oxides of nitrogen.
driving  pollution  motorvehicles  airpollution 
yesterday by juliusbeezer
How to Relax and Enjoy the Ride as a Career Truck Driver
. The main goal of trucking is to get whatever you’re hauling from point A to point B, but that shouldn’t be everything.
trucking  tips  enjoy  the  ride  truck  driving  career 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Rhys Jones: Cars are to us what guns are to Americans - NZ Herald
COMMENT: We are as irrationally dedicated to cars as Americans are to guns.
driving  car  newzealand  nz  addiction  gun 
4 days ago by stevecopley
Porsche Passport Subcription Program Allows Drivers Unlimited Miles in a New 911 | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
For $2000, anyone can rent a Ferrari for a day, provided you’re comfortable paying double that amount as a security deposit, raising your insurance liability, and limiting the fun to 100 miles. But what if you could drive a Porsche at that price for an entire month, for unlimited miles and with no extra hassle? That’s the new reality—at least in Atlanta.
Porsche’s new subscription service, called Passport, operates like Cadillac’s Book program in New York City. It’s a no-contract app-based service that lets you drive multiple Porsche models every month without any commitment, with all fees, taxes, and insurance baked into the price. A delivery service will ferry cars, detailed and fully gassed, to the customer’s requested location and can swap cars daily, weekly, or whenever. There’s no mileage limit, which conceivably means someone could drive a 911 Carrera S from Buckhead to Bangor and back without any penalty. The only upfront charge is $500, which helps pay for a background and credit check. If you’re not a criminal and pay your bills on time, you’re probably pre-approved.
porsche  cars  driving  subscription 
4 days ago by rgl7194
'Shocking' short film targets young adults using phone while driving | World news | The Guardian
Academy award winning film-maker Eva Orner has directed the centrepiece of Victoria’s latest road safety campaign, targeting young adults who use their mobile phone while driving.

The 22-minute documentary, It’s People Like Us, follows five young drivers who allowed Orner to place cameras in their cars for 10 days, recording every moment they looked down to check or send a text, took a call, or, in one case, sent a series of selfies on Snapchat.

The footage is intercut with interviews of the young adults describing their phone use. None seemed aware of how frequently they used their phone while driving.
attention  road_safety  driving 
6 days ago by juliusbeezer
Zipper Merging in Traffic Seems Rude but Research Shows It Is the Best Approach | Inc.com
States from Colorado to Kansas are trying to change millions of drivers' behavior.
If you're traveling this holiday weekend, you might want to know the most efficient way to merge--and it's not what most drivers consider to be common courtesy.
Say you're driving along in the center lane on a traffic-filled highway, and the left lane is ending in a few hundred yards, due to construction or the way the road is built. The polite drivers in that left lane put their blinkers on right away, and move over as soon as someone lets them in. The rude drivers zip to the end of their lane--passing you and many other drivers in the center lane. Then they merge in as soon as they can, effectively cutting in front of you and other center-lane drivers in the process.
cars  driving  science 
7 days ago by rgl7194
How To End Distracted Driving
Now more than ever, people are driving on the road with excessive distractions, and it’s rather frightening.
distracted  driving  awareness 
11 days ago by Adventure_Web

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