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Tips For Driving In Dangerous Weather Conditions This Winter
Every season presents its own set of challenges for truckers, and as we enter the winter season, it’s important for truck drivers to be ready for dangerous conditions. Check out these tips for driving in dangerous weather conditions this winter.
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3 days ago by Adventure_Web
How Alaska fixed its earthquake-shattered roads in just days - The Verge
A need for speed
Shaking from the large earthquake that shuddered through Anchorage, Alaska last week was strong enough to turn smooth asphalt roads into broken, jagged depressions of rubble. But within just a few days, crews managed to repair the worst of the damage, unsnarling traffic in Alaska’s largest city.
Anchorage has a population of nearly 300,000 people spread across more than 1,900 square miles — an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. That space is threaded by roads, asphalt lifelines of the population. When the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck last week, some of the most visceral images showed roads that had broken apart. But within days, many of these same cracked highways had been smoothed back into ribbons of pavement by crews working around the clock.
The rapid response to damage in Anchorage shows how investing time and money into preparations for these kinds of large, infrastructure-hobbling events can pay off in the long-run, even when there’s no way to tell when or where disaster may strike.
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4 days ago by rgl7194
Eric Schwarz on Twitter: "A good tip if you go to a gas station where they show video ads while pumping: https://t.co/ra9DKCYKkq (Althernatively, you could get your gas elsewhere next time…)"
(On muting ads at gas stations—)
“Whether your pump advertises it or not, however, there’s a handy way to shut the dang thing up. There’s an array of buttons along the side of the screen. One of these buttons (usually) mutes the ads. Which one is anyone’s guess, as different companies choose a different mute button. To figure out which one, just start at the top and start pressing each button until you find the one that gives you the blissful silence you’re looking for.”
gas  ads  cars  driving  2018  mjtsai 
6 days ago by handcoding
We’ve driven Audi’s first proper electric car, the 2019 e-tron SUV | Ars Technica
A competent SUV that feels familiar, and be glad we don’t get those mirrors.
Because Audi was only offering e-tron drives in Abu Dhabi, we elected to accept paid flights and two nights in a hotel in order to attend this event, rather than having to wait at least six months to drive the vehicle.
In the wake of its emissions scandal, Volkswagen Group has been on a mission to reinvent itself. After staking its reputation on diesel, the German automaker has conducted a volte face; electricity is now the future. It's spending billions on developing new battery electric vehicle platforms, billions building a US network of high-speed chargers, and has committed billions more to lock up battery supplies. And now, finally, the first of these efforts has begun to bear fruit.
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7 days ago by rgl7194
America's Best Winter Drives | Travel + Leisure
chains, an ice scraper, jumper cables, and road flares couldn’t hurt eith
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8 days ago by hendrasaputra

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