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Sécurité des piétons : le code de la route évolue | Cerema
Le décret n°2018-795 du 17 septembre 2018 relatif à la sécurité routière, a renforcé les sanctions an cas d'infraction du non-respect des priorités accordées aux piétons: désormais 6 points seront retirés sur le permis de conduire au lieu de 4 auparavant. Cette mesure prend effet à partir du 18 septembre 2018.

L'Aarticle R415-11 est donc modifié comme suit :"Tout conducteur est tenu de céder le passage, au besoin en s'arrêtant, au piéton s'engageant régulièrement dans la traversée d'une chaussée ou manifestant clairement l'intention de le faire ou circulant dans une aire piétonne ou une zone de rencontre.
Le fait, pour tout conducteur, de ne pas respecter les règles de priorité fixées au présent article est puni de l'amende prévue pour les contraventions de la quatrième classe. Tout conducteur coupable de cette infraction encourt également la peine complémentaire de suspension, pour une durée de trois ans au plus, du permis de conduire, cette suspension pouvant être limitée à la conduite en dehors de l'activité professionnelle.
Cette contravention donne lieu de plein droit à la réduction de SIX POINTS du permis de conduire."
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5 days ago by juliusbeezer
'For me, this is paradise': life in the Spanish city that banned cars | Cities | The Guardian
They stopped cars crossing the city and got rid of street parking, as people looking for a place to park is what causes the most congestion. They closed all surface car parks in the city centre and opened underground ones and others on the periphery, with 1,686 free places. They got rid of traffic lights in favour of roundabouts, extended the car-free zone from the old city to the 18th-century area, and used traffic calming in the outer zones to bring the speed limit down to 30km/h.

The benefits are numerous. On the same streets where 30 people died in traffic accidents from 1996 to 2006, only three died in the subsequent 10 years, and none since 2009. CO2 emissions are down 70%, nearly three-quarters of what were car journeys are now made on foot or by bicycle, and, while other towns in the region are shrinking, central Pontevedra has gained 12,000 new inhabitants.
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7 days ago by juliusbeezer
Number of dirty diesels on road still growing, report shows | Environment | The Guardian
The number of dirty diesel vehicles pumping out toxic emissions on Europe’s streets is still rising three years after the Dieselgate scandal began, according to a new report. More than 7m such cars and vans remain on UK roads alone.

There were 29m diesel vehicles whose emissions on the road were significantly higher than official laboratory-based EU limits when the diesel scandal erupted in September 2015. But that has now risen by to 43m, according to analysis by the group Transport & Environment (T&E). France has the most dirty diesels on the road, with 8.7m, followed by Germany’s 8.2m and the UK’s 7.3m.
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Why children struggle to cross busy streets safely: New research shows perceptual judgment, motor skills not fully developed until age 14 -- ScienceDaily
New research from the University of Iowa shows children under certain ages lack the perceptual judgment and motor skills to cross a busy road consistently without putting themselves in danger. The researchers placed children from 6 to 14 years old in a realistic simulated environment and asked them to cross one lane of a busy road multiple times.

The results: Children up to their early teenage years had difficulty consistently crossing the street safely, with accident rates as high as 8 percent with 6-year-olds. Only by age 14 did children navigate street crossing without incident, while 12-year-olds mostly compensated for inferior road-crossing motor skills by choosing bigger gaps in traffic.
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7 days ago by juliusbeezer
Back To School Driving Safety Tips
Since the school year always brings road congestion, now is a great time to review some back to school driving safety tips!
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10 days ago by Adventure_Web
New chip from Texas Instruments to make driving with high-beams on less rude | Ars Technica
Adaptive driving beams still need a little regulatory help, though.
Twice a year or so I drive from Denver to LA, and there's a stretch of highway in Utah that's pretty solitary at night. It's often outside of cell service, and barreling through the dark (no streetlights, of course) in a 2005 Toyota is tricky business. With my brights on, I've been able to see and slow down for elk grazing just 15 feet away from the highway. If one of them had decided to make a leap for the other side of the highway and I hadn't seen them beyond the curtain of darkness, both of us would have quickly been toast.
But that kind of driving requires a lot of vigilance, because you also don't want to blind oncoming truckers for equally serious safety reasons. So, if you do that stretch of highway at night, you end up spending 250 miles with a finger on the headlight post, keeping the brights on when you're alone, and turning them off when any headlights or taillights pop up on the horizon.
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11 days ago by rgl7194
Private hire vehicles might soon have to pay the London congestion charge. What difference would it make? – On London
However, CEPA study also anticipates that, as Mayor Khan acknowledged, PHV operators in the Central London area, who tend to be the larger firms, will respond to the loss of the exemption by distributing the bookings they receive differently among their drivers, resulting in a reduced number of drivers who’ve entered the charging zone picking up more passengers there than before and therefore spending more time than before on the area’s roads. That’s a big reason why CEPA’s calculation of the reduction in PHV traffic levels (6%) in the congestion charge zone, is much smaller than their calculation of the number of PHVs that would enter it (45%).

TfL concedes that the estimated one per cent reduction in traffic levels overall “appears modest”, but still contends that it would represent “an important step in managing and reducing congestion in Central London”, with consequential improvements in air quality too. But Gareth Bacon argued that any “very minor” reduction in congestion would also add to cumulative TfL policies enacted in the Mayor’s name, including hikes in licensing fees, that “are going to have an absolutely devastating impact on the private hire industry,” which has seen the number of firms licensed by TfL – as distinct from the number of drivers – fall in recent years, with smaller operators in particular disappearing
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15 days ago by juliusbeezer
A Fighter Pilot’s Guide to surviving on the roads | Portsmouth CTC
Human perception based look at staying safe on the roads.
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