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The Truth in Dreaming - Rosie_Rues
A day after Harimad-sol and Mathin left them, Corlath and his Riders came to the ruins of Horontolopar. Once, in the days when Maur's desert had clawed through the very heart of Damar, this had been the Fourth Sandpale, one of eleven fastnesses that had marked the limits of the desert. [3,582 words]
Damar  harry/corlath  rosie_rues  yuletide  dreams 
18 days ago by cunningplan
Between Two Languages: An Interview with Yoko Tawada
"Among the finest of Tawada’s works are short stories about adapting to new cultures, both physically and linguistically. The daughter of a nonfiction translator and academic bookseller, Tawada learned to read in over five languages; she speaks English, but doesn’t write it. “I feel in between two languages, and that’s big enough,” she told me. Her stories often turn on feeling outside the culture, as an immigrant, as a citizen witnessing great national change, or even as a tourist."

"I look like a person who cannot think when I wake up, because I’m still quite between the sleep and the dream and the waking, and that’s the best time for business."

"Being multilingual is tricky. I feel more as though I am between two languages, and that feels like enough. To study that in-between space has given me so much poetry. I don’t feel like one of those international people who juggles many tongues."
yokotawada  language  languages  bilingualism  2018  interviews  japan  japanese  howwewrite  dreams  sleep  liminality  betweenness  littoralzone  liminalspaces  multilingualism  dualism  srg 
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to make a destination
Magic isn’t real. Having psychic visions of a future full of Connor McDavid is the kind of thing Jack can only describe as bad luck.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  magicalrealism  dreams  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <050k  nhldraft2015 
29 days ago by wolfgrin
A Wish Your Heart Makes
Connor starts dreaming of Jack when he's fifteen years old.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  magicalrealism  dreams  hapakitsune  2015  <010k  nhldraft2015 
29 days ago by wolfgrin
Being Right Is Everything
Speranza - Rodney/John, M --- 4,416

"Just, since Antarctica, I can surf dreams."
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *m  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  ;♥  h/c  coma  dreams  telepathy  first  sex  pov-john 
4 weeks ago by we.are.golden
Mind-reading devices can now access your thoughts and dreams using AI | New Scientist, Sep 2018
"We can now decode dreams and recreate images of faces people have seen, and everyone from Facebook to Elon Musk wants a piece of this mind reading reality"

"From an fMRI brain scan, Liu’s AI can say which of a selection of 15 different things a person was viewing when the scan was taken. For example, if someone was looking at a picture of a face, the AI can detect patterns in their scan that convince it to say “face”. Other options include birds, aeroplanes and people exercising, and the AI can call the correct category 50 per cent of the time."

Jack Gallant, UC Berkely: "When shown brain scans of someone watching a different YouTube video, the AI was able to generate a new movie of what it thought the person was viewing. The results are eerie outlines of the original, but still recognisable."

"Yukiyasu Kamitani at Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute first showed in 2013 that it is possible to train an AI to detect the content of someone’s dreams, describing each in basic terms such as whether there was a male or female character, the objects included and details about the overall scene. Kamitani’s system has an accuracy of about 60 per cent."

"However, one big drawback of EEG is that there is so much unwanted noise to contend with. "

"The progress using AI with fMRI is causing people to rethink what EEG might be capable of."
NewScientist  AI  neuroscience  dreams  recognitioin  fMRI  EEG  ethics 
5 weeks ago by pierredv
We've started to uncover the true purpose of dreams | New Scientist, Jul 2018
"Mark Blagrove at Swansea University in the UK and his colleagues have found that the emotional strength of the experiences we have when we are awake is linked to the content of our dreams, and the intensity of our dreaming brainwaves."

"Together, these findings suggest that the most intense dreaming activity occurs when our brains are working hard to process recent, emotionally powerful experiences."
NewScientist  dreams  psychology 
7 weeks ago by pierredv
Dream on: My year pursuing the third state of being | New Scientist, Dec 2018
"Dreaming represents a state in between consciousness and unconsciousness, and this year I’ve been trying to get on top of what we know about this universal and mysterious experience. I went to a dream conference in Arizona, and spent the night in a dream lab in Swansea, UK. There I learned about research providing evidence, for the first time, that explains the purpose of dreaming.

But while scientists are learning more about the function of dreams and of sleep, I’ve been particularly drawn to the mysterious border state between wakefulness and slumber. Sleep scientists call this transient period the hypnagogic state, a highly creative state that has been actively pursued by artists and scientists over the years."
NewScientist  dreams  psychology 
7 weeks ago by pierredv
Psychology Today -- Scrooge Syndrome: Transforming Embitterment by Stephen A. Diamond
'...Scrooge's vivid and very real possibly waking (or hypnopompic or hypnagogic) hallucinations and apparent nightmares – with their harrowing visitations and visions of his traumatic childhood, current life-style, and inevitable mortality – show him the way. His dreams succinctly but powerfully point out the present problem and what needs to happen to improve it. But, to Dickens' enduring credit, it is still clearly Scrooge's decision, his existential choice, as to whether to heed their insight, dire warnings and potentially healing wisdom or not. He, and only he, is responsible for deciding what attitude to take toward these sobering and disturbing messages from the unconscious. And whether to follow through or not on their immense and potentially life-changing implications. -- This is always the case with our dreams: We can choose to take them seriously and carefully consider what they have to say, or ignore and dismiss them. Obey or reject the dream's uncanny guiding wisdom. Scrooge's experience is quite similar to what occurs during the course of psychotherapy for some patients, though the process and time-frame tends generally to take longer. But dreams can play a central role in personal growth and transformation. (See, for example, C.G. Jung's prolonged self-analysis and resulting individuation based largely on working with his own dreams and visions, as documented in The Red Book.) Nonetheless, suddenly life-altering epiphanies do sometimes dramatically happen both in therapy and without. Scrooge, materialist and rationalist that he was, initially predictably dismisses his dreams as merely the meaningless product of an "undigested bit of beef." But he later becomes convinced of the inescapable reality and truth of these dreams and their spiritual and psychological significance. He is shown, in some quite painful, shocking and terrifying forms, the embittered, cruel, despicable and despised person he had become. He is forced to fully experience the truth of who he has become, and what his destiny will be should he choose to stay on this same course. -- This is also what happens in real psychotherapy, by which I mean psychotherapy that doesn't just focus on suppressing symptoms (see my prior post). Self-reflection. Looking closely and brutally honestly at oneself, at who one has become, and where one is heading, may be the most difficult thing to do. Recognizing, acknowledging and owning one's shadow is always disturbing. It is easier and more convenient to simply project it onto others, as Jung professes. This is one, often unconscious reason we resist real psychotherapy. Or run away from it prematurely. Real psychotherapy is always an uncomfortable confrontation with one's self. And with the existential realities of evil, finitude and death. But such self-reflection is absolutely necessary if any true inner transformation is to occur. One must, like Scrooge, come face to face with his or her inner demons, spirits, or ghosts. But, like Scrooge, most of us staunchly resist such self-examination until some inner or outer crisis causes or coerces us into doing so.'
psychology  psychotherapy  dreams 
7 weeks ago by adamcrowe
No mail
“You don’t work here anymore,” a colleague told me.
dreams  teaching 
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[Dreamscape character is 16]
=scum.villain  wc:15-20k  author:South12  2018  language:chinese  porn  dreams  established.relationship  FEELSplosion  *bing-ge/shenjiu  canon 
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