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Digital Painting 101 (3 of 5) Mixing Colors
"As one color approaches another there’s always a blended transition. Even if your subject is painted a single color it will have lighter and darker areas. Because color is affected by light and form, it has a huge amount of variation. Even a sheet of white paper seen on a cloudy day contains a gradation subtle colors.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that you’re going to be doing a lot of blending."
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2 days ago by sahara
SketchDaily Gesture/Figure Drawing
Choose the model's gender, clothing, pose, view, and length of time each pose photo is shown.

Can also use photos of animals, heads, or hands.
art  reference  drawing  photography  tools  inspiration 
2 days ago by sahara
Cheat Sheets for Writing Emotion as Body Language
(Seems like it could be useful for drawing, too!)

Anticipation: rub hands together, lick lips, unable to sit still, grin
writing  reference  drawing 
2 days ago by sahara

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