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Scientific Instruments Collection
Adorkably old-school web presentation, beautiful instruments - ping @liamvhogan@aus.social
2masto  history  draughtsmanship 
october 2018 by mikelynch
How To Draw Comics the One True Way, We Swear - comiXology
Learn to do this and you won't look back on your life in disgust anymore...
comics  drawing  draughtsmanship  art  artistic_anatomy 
october 2010 by AaronZ
I want to draw your hands...
hands  art  drawing  draughtsmanship 
december 2009 by AaronZ
3-D Models of the human body flayed of skin so you can see the muscles. Fantastic!
artistic_anatomy  draughtsmanship 
july 2009 by AaronZ
handprint : advanced perspective techniques
Spherical and other forms of perspective...fascinating stuff
art  perspective  drawing  draughtsmanship  painting 
september 2008 by AaronZ
Michael Marsicano
Art of the mundane. This guy is really good...
art  painting  drawing  draughtsmanship 
july 2008 by AaronZ
Tutorial on drawing the human head
anatomy  art  drawing  tutorial  draughtsmanship  proportions 
may 2008 by AaronZ
Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists Online
Artistic anatomy reference points. Draw a sphere, mark it off in thirds, etc etc...
anatomy  drawing  education  illustration  art  draughtsmanship 
may 2008 by AaronZ
Figure Drawing - Life Drawing Tips and Lessons
If you can draw me, you may have hidden artistic talent. Too bad you're only discovering it when most of your life is over...
draughtsmanship  drawing  artistic_anatomy  art 
march 2008 by AaronZ
How to Make a Magnetic Drawing Board
Make this and you will be that much closer to fame and fortune...
art  artist  drawing  art_materials  draughtsmanship 
february 2008 by AaronZ

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