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Twenty-first century dish racks
A recent trip to my local Container Store left me impressed with recent improvements in dish racks. Impressed by dish racks? I was surprised, too.

Growing up, our kitchen housed a large, stainless steel monstrosity of a dish rack. It was always on the counter and always holding dishes. You probably had the same dish rack in your home. I don’t own a dish rack now, however, because I predominantly own only dishwasher-safe kitchen utensils, dinnerware, and cooking supplies. In the rare event that I need to wash something by hand, I just lay out a dishtowel and set items to dry on it.

Many homes, though, are without a dishwasher and owners have to sacrifice counter space for a dish rack the same way we did when I was a kid. A walk through the kitchen supply section at the Container Store showed me that dish racks aren’t the space eating devices they used to be. Clearly, not being a handwasher of dishes has left me clueless to innovation. I found a whole world of space-saving, uncluttered options.

My favorite rack was the Sesamo manufactured by Snips and designed by i Casalinghi (pictured at right). Unfortunately, the Sesamo is not available yet through the Container Store’s website, but it’s for sale in the brick and mortar stores.

There also was an innovative In-Sink Dish Drainer that suspends itself from the sides of the sink.

When I arrived home, I found a slew of in-sink and collapsible rack designs on the internet. I even found the sexy Dish Doctor, which is designed by Marc Newson and produced by Magis, that wouldn’t be too horrible looking to leave on your counter continuously.

I’m certain that there are other, innovative, uncluttered dish racks out there that I’m missing. Most importantly, though, I’m just glad to see that the days of oversized, cumbersome dish racks are behind us. Let us know of any uncluttered dish racks you’ve encountered in our comments’ section!
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