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Trying by aideomai
"Neville had hoped when he left Hogwarts that he’d never have to see Draco Malfoy again; he’d barely even seen him in that last, terrible year, when Malfoy had dropped out somewhere around the Easter term. But then Harry, Ron, and Hermione came back from their delayed seventh year and with them, pale and sneering and sharp-tongued as ever, came Malfoy."
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march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Theft of assets, destruction of property by helenish
"Surely it is a mistake to allow a single youthful indiscretion to cloud an already promising career."
fandom:harrypotter  draco/neville  harry/hermione/ron  nc-17  unread 
january 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property by Helenish
Surely it is a mistake to allow a single youthful indiscretion to cloud an already promising career.

(The one where Draco bakes)
harrypotter  draco/neville 
november 2016 by bliink
Not a Whisper by A.J. Hall: Read on-line
'Not A Whisper', is set in May 1998, during the War against Voldemort, in a converted hotel Somewhere in Northumberland. It therefore predates, and prequels, Lust Over Pendle.

In the aftermath of a near-disastrous mission against Voldemort, Draco takes stock of what really matters to him. And reaches a decision that things have been unresolved for far too long, and Something needs to be done about them. Love in time of War.

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february 2016 by joyinrepetition
Time Shall Not Mend by A.J. Hall: Introduction, acknowledgements and disclaimers
A thousand years away and half across the galaxy a bereaved young woman stalks through a cocktail party thinking: "Anywhere but here". Meanwhile, back on Earth and in the dying days of the struggle against Voldemort a plague has been unleashed on the wizarding community. A potion to cure it exists - but a crucial ingredient is a plant which grows only on a remote mountain in Scotland. And that mountain has an almost impenetrable defence around it. Worlds are about to collide

Time Shall Not Mend is a cross-over between the Harry Potterverse and the Vorkosigan novels of Lois McMaster Bujold. No profit is being made, and no infringement of rights intended, by this work.

crossover  vorkisiganverse  draco/neville  series   
february 2016 by joyinrepetition
Ships that Pass by A.J. Hall
Shortly before the defeat of Voldemort in year seven, in a field hospital 'Somewhere In England' Draco Malfoy is reunited with an old friend. The meeting will determine whether Draco falls to the Dark or the Light. The decision will be made before the turn of the tide, and there will be no going back for either of them.

  draco/neville  series 
february 2016 by joyinrepetition
Dissipation and Despair by A.J. Hall: Introduction, acknowledgements and disclaimers
After offending his Bishop, the Rev. Peter Blakeney had feared he would be stuck for the rest of his career in rough inner city curacies. Even though his letter of appointment bore an anonymous scrawl "Best of British luck", the surprise offer of the incumbency of St Sebastian's Church, Malfoy Intrinsica, Wiltshire seemed like the promise of a rural idyll. And though the foot and mouth epidemic was in full swing, there were sinister carvings behind the choir stalls and all the locals changed the subject immediately if he even mentioned the Manor up the hill (let alone its reclusive Lord) he felt he was settling in well. Until one night there came a tap at his study window, and he found himself caught between two worlds, and about to find out exactly why St Sebastian is the patron saint of archers, enemies of religion, gardeners, murrains of cattle, plagues and police. It is a cosy English village whodunit in the classic tradition, give or take an Unforgivable curse or so.

  draco/neville  series  hp  established-relationship  futurefic  100K+ 
february 2016 by joyinrepetition
Lust Over Pendle by A.J. Hall: Introduction, acknowledgements and disclaimers
lop!verse Lust Over Pendle is a comedy of manners set in the Golden Age detective thriller genre, and is presumed to take place after the end of the seventh Harry Potter book, and, therefore, after the fall of Voldemort.
series  draco/neville    hp  established-relationship  postwar  100K+ 
february 2016 by joyinrepetition
Strange Bedfellows - casspeach - Harry Potter - Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In retrospect, Neville should probably have realised something was afoot when the CVs he was given for short listing had their front sheets still firmly attached, even though he knew he wasn't supposed to have any demographic information. Gender, age, names could all be sources of bias, and the Ministry was, on the whole, trying to be seen to be a bastion of virtue against such prejudices. On the whole, because it wasn't above 'mistakes' like this one when it suited. Still, Neville h...
harry_potter  draco/neville 
november 2015 by _dh
Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property - Helenish - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
"No son of mine," Lucius says, while Draco breathes softly, braces himself against the floor with his good arm. "No son of mine is going to spread his legs for some half-squib. What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't," Draco says. "I'm sorry."

"I know you are prepared to do your duty," Lucius says, flicking a bit of hay casually off his robe.

Draco's arm aches as spring comes, and reminds him of caution. He says no, politely, when Claude Clover invites him to Hogsmeade, and doesn't let...
harry_potter  draco/neville 
november 2015 by _dh
Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property - Helenish -
Surely it is a mistake to allow a single youthful indiscretion to cloud an already promising career.

Draco/Neville, yay!
fic:harrypotter  draco/neville  post-hogwarts 
september 2015 by paintedmaypole
oh the flash then the silence - addandsubtract - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
“This might hurt a bit.” Neville’s voice is brisk but not uncalm. He’s proud of himself for that. He’s gotten better with the blood in the past months. People are harder than plants. Messier.
hp  draco/neville 
september 2015 by themadstork
Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property by Helenish
CW: Lucius being physically and emotionally abusive towards Draco. Delightfully happy ending. Author's summary: Surely it is a mistake to allow a single youthful indiscretion to cloud an already promising career.
hp  draco/neville  sweet  AO3  20k-words  unread 
july 2015 by sparkly_unicorns
Strange Bedfellows - by casspeach
"Wait, what?" Malfoy said, brow creasing in stylish confusion as he turned to look at her. "You're giving me the job?"

"You were easily the most qualified applicant," Neville offered and Malfoy rounded on him.

"I've been easily the most qualified person for the last umpteen positions I've applied for, Longbottom," he snarled. "Including both of the last two times I applied for this one."

He'd set his hands on the desk, the better to lean over and intimidate Neville, who noticed the raggedness of his fingernails, perfectly suited to the sleeves overlying his wrists. One of the buttons on his left cuff was missing, the others mismatched. Neville was struck by the urge to reach his own hand out and cover the aberration before Apollonia could notice. It felt like something that no one should see. He was pretty sure Malfoy would hex him though, so he didn't.

"Third time lucky?" he suggested with what he hoped was a suitably ingenuous smile. Malfoy just glared at him, nostrils flaring unattractively, and that jaw muscle still ticking his irritation. "When can you start?"

After facing down the Carrows, not to mention the Dark Lord himself at the end, Malfoy at his best was barely enough to make Neville break out in much of a nervous sweat. And Malfoy was clearly not at his best, something he seemed to realise, or maybe accept, after a moment.
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july 2015 by runpunkrun

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