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i will wait by musicalluna
tony disappearing for days to plan the perfect proposal, but steve knows and patiently waits because he knows tony wants it to be perfect
steve/tony  rating.pg13  00-05k  drabbles  tumblr-fic  marriage-commitment  fluff  established.relationship 
february 2019 by leahbeex
Tumblr Prompt Fics - wollfgang - Lucifer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“The other’s didn’t experience any harmful side effects besides the inability to lie, right?” Dan says, swerving around the mini-van. Lucifer is the sixth person in this case to get dosed with the truth serum. “And Lucifer always tells the truth, what’s the big deal?”

“You know, I didn’t get why you married Dan at first,” Lucifer muses idly, “Moments like this aren’t exactly where he shines, is it?”

“Hey!” Dan protests. Chloe snorts, grinning down at Lucifer despite herself.

“But then I saw him shirtless and it all made sense. Quite lickable, Daniel is.” Lucifer continues, humming thoughtfully.
lucifer  lucifer/chloe  truthserum  drabbles 
april 2018 by kesfire
Ne Plus Ultra - Chapter 1 - ItsClydeBitches - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
They say it takes a village to raise a child. The whole of class 1-A is just going to have to settle for Yagi and Aizawa.

(A drabble collection focusing on the in-between moments of BNHA)
series-BokuNoHeroAcademia  drabbles 
january 2018 by kim
Struck Off Like Matches - Kirstein_and_Arlert - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Coulson shoots him in the leg while they’re both running: Clint’s more impressed than he should be, given that he’s pretty sure that he’s bleeding out.
author:kirstein_and_arlert  clint/coulson  avengers  mcu  drabbles 
september 2017 by thatdamneddame
LookingForDroids - Never Surrender
Sollux knows all about being doomed, and very little about shutting up.

Prompt was kickass space battles.
fandom:Homestuck  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  pairing:Dave/Karkat  AU  drabbles  words:0-500  AU-space  second-person-POV 
august 2017 by hear-the-rain
LookingForDroids - Fire
Slit thinks he knows what to expect from his prize.

Prompts were reward and dubious consent.
fandom:Mad_Max  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Slit/Toast_the_Knowing  AU  words:0-500  het  dubious-consent  drabbles  !fav-fics 
august 2017 by hear-the-rain
You Can Sing Me Anything by Chash
68,295 words | I have seen people doing posts where they just collect short Tumblr fills, so I am doing one of those. I have no idea how many of those I will have, but I guess we will find out?
bellamy/clarke  rating.pg13  50-80k  drabbles 
june 2017 by leahbeex
Ryuuhibi - A Song For The Muscles
The most beautiful shade of a blue sky simply can't exist without the brightest sun.
fandom:Osomatsu-san  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Jyushimatsu/Karamatsu  incest  drabbles  fluff  angst  WIP  words:10.000-15.000 
march 2017 by hear-the-rain
Temperature by patternofdefiance
961 words | John is sick, and Sherlock doesn't trust the thermometer.
john/sherlock  rating.pg13  00-05k  drabbles  sickness-injury  hurt/comfort 
august 2016 by leahbeex
Further Observation Required by jettiebettie
557 words | Spock finds himself illogically fascinated by his captain’s sunburn.
kirk/spock  rating.pg  00-05k  drabbles 
july 2016 by leahbeex
A Shared Life (The Malec Drabble Alphabet) - Chapter 1 - RadientWings - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Getting together hadn't been easy. But now that everything was out in the open, it should be better right? Right? Well, yes and no, apparently. It seems that staying in a relationship is just as hard... but also ten times more enjoyable, as both Alec and Magnus are finding out. It isn't perfect or easy, but nothing worth keeping is.

Varying moments in Magnus and Alec's relationship... or snapshots of their lives together from A to Z.
shadowhunters  alec_magnus  fluff  angst  romance  WIP  drabbles 
may 2016 by bekap

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