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Rec: You're Not A Sarlacc by Dr_Fumbles_McStupid
Summary: Charles is a bounty hunter on a mission that requires him to brave the harsh, unforgiving desert of Tatooine. Things do not exactly go as planned.

Rec Snippet: it is glorious. Dr_Fumbles_McStupid makes this story shine. She reads Charles' lustful confusion so well that I found myself experiencing Charles' feelings too. I fell into a world full where I felt cared for and held by these mysterious purple tentacles that just wanted to love and be loved. Give this podfic and chance and you'll be in love too!
x-men_(movie_'verse)  erik_lehnsherr/charles_xavier  explicit  00:30:00-00:45:00  analise010_reccer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  podfic 
january 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Psych: The Dah-Ling series
Summary: The bad news is that one of Lassiter's highest profile arrests has just escaped from prison. The worse news is that his best hope of tracking him down is a sleep-deprived Shawn Spencer.

Rec Snippet: [personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid does a great job with this enormous project! I can get lost in their performance and stay entertained for the entire eight hours that it takes to listen through both parts. I’m one of the lucky people who can listen to podfic at work, and the longer the story, the better. That’s not the only reason to endear this story to me, though.
psych  carlton_lassiter/shawn_spencer  momo_reccer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  mature  15:00:00-20:00:00  podfic 
august 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: Yuri on Ice: "#KissorHug" by multiple performers
Summary: Yuuri and Victor make #Victuri trend worldwide. Phichit accidentally makes it worse.

Rec Snippet: While the original story is great the podfic gave it a whole other dimension. It works wonderfully with the different voices for the different characters and although it's a texting conversation it makes the jump from paper to audio very well. Every character has its own voice and also ringtone.
yuri!!!_on_ice  katsuki_yuuri/victor_nikiforov  general_audiences  00:10:00-00:20:00  dunderklumpen_reccer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  golbpodfics_performer  hananobira_performer  opalsong_performer  rhea314_performer  podfic 
april 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: "Love, Sex, and Paperwork" by multiple performers
Summary: A film crew arrives to document life in the Parks and Recreation Department of America, Illinois, only to stumble upon a scandal involving Director Steve Rogers.

Rec Snippet: This was an amazing multivoice project to be a part of, and the way reena_jenkins and Readbyanalise010 adapted the script style of the text was brilliant! But the voice acting is what really shines in this podfic and I legitimately cried with laughter while listening to it.
marvel_cinematic_universe  bucky_barnes/steve_rogers  00:20:00-00:30:00  xdiorix_reccer  blackglass_performer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  fire_juggler_performer  originally_performer  paraka_performer  analise010_performer  reena_jenkins_performer  themusecalliope_performer  mature  podfic 
february 2016 by podfic_love
MCU: "Yelp Page for Coney Island Design & Construction" by multiple performers
Summary: The Yelp page for Coney Island Design and Construction has many positive reviews.

Rec Snippet: "This podfic is full of talented performers and they all bring such character and warmth to their parts. I have a special place in my heart for Brad, the lone middle-aged straight white dude who doesn't understand why all these reviewers are creaming themselves over these guys; I just about died listening to Karrde's performance. LISTEN TO THIS! IT IS A DELIGHT."
marvel_cinematic_universe  bucky_barnes/steve_rogers  audrey1nd_performer  bessyboo_performer  croissantkatie_performer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  fleurrochard_performer  itsadrizzit_performer  kalakirya_performer  lavenderfrost_performer  lunate8_performer  revolutionaryjo_performer  xanatenshi_performer  karrde_performer  darlingchristie_performer  xdiorix_reccer  general_audiences  00:00:00-00:10:00  podfic  collaboration_event 
october 2015 by podfic_love
Firefly: Brush Up Your Shakespeare (The Wild and Whirling Words Remix)
Summary: In which Simon is scandalized, River is curious, and Wash knows more than he's letting on.

Rec Snippet: This is an incredibly gorgeous podfic. The opening music is lovely and atmospheric and instantly sets the mood for the story. All the characters are wonderfully read, but lavenderfrost's River voice and dr_fumbles_mcstupid's Jayne voice are particular standouts for me.
firefly  wash_washbourne/zoe_washbourne  general_audiences  00:20:00-00:30:00  xdiorix_reccer  lavenderfrost_performer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  podfic  collaboration_event 
october 2015 by podfic_love
Glee/White Collar: Mixed Media by multiple performers
Summary: "USA Network to Premiere Newest Original Series 'WHITE COLLAR' Friday, October 23 at 10/9c"

Blaine's life gets only gets weirder from there.

Rec Snippets: "marsmaywander, nielrian and emilyfreakingstark play Blaine, Kurt and Cooper brilliantly and hold the whole thing together, but all the smaller parts are read really well too. Sometimes multi-voice collabs can sound like the voice actors are not all in the same production, but here the editing, direction and performances all come together to make something really cohesive and, often, laugh-out-loud hilarious."
glee  white_collar  01:00:00-01:30:00  blaine_anderson/kurt_hummel  matt_bomer/tim_dekay  peter_burke/neal_caffrey  teen_and_up  alexeidarling_performer  argentumlupine_performer  croissantkatie_performer  curiositysquared_performer  pene_performer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  emilyfreakingstark_performer  jinkyo_performer  klb_performer  lurkdusoleil_performer  marsmaywander_performer  musavana_performer  nadiacreek_performer  nielrian_performer  originally_performer  pandor4_performer  professorspork_performer  reena_jenkins_performer  theshriek_performer  originally_reccer  podfic  collaboration_event 
october 2015 by podfic_love
Rec: Community: Advanced Ambulatory Ichthyology, by dr-fumbles-mcstupid
Summary: Course provides advanced instruction in avoidance of the phenomenon commonly known as "jumping the shark." Prerequisites for this course include Introduction to Friendship, Contemporary Best Friendship, The Politics of Emotional Baggage and Cohabitation 207. Students may wish to simultaneously enroll in our sister course, Introduction to Non-Traditional Romance, but said enrollment is optional.

Rec Snippet: "I really put my heart and soul into this podfic and I feel like it is one of my best performances, I feel like I voiced all the characters well, I am especially fond of my Abed voice. I also spent a lot of time going through music. I used music from the community medley as scene breaks and I tried to choose parts of the medley that really echoed the mood of the previous scene."
community  troy_barnes/abed_nadir  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_reccer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  04:30:00-05:00:00  podfic  mature  self-reccage_event 
november 2014 by podfic_love

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