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Downton Abbey at the cinema: TV-sized acting that looks grotesque on the big screen
The film leaves nothing left to ridicule, no cliché unexploited and no spectacle to recommend it.
DowntonAbbey  cinema  review  critique  NewStatesman  2019 
3 days ago by inspiral
Weighing Choices - Luthorchickv2 - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
After the season 6 Christmas Special, Thomas goes back to the Stiles household to work out his notice and explores what returning to Downton as butler really means and if he actually wants to.
fic  DowntonAbbey  character:ThomasBarrow  post-series  gen 
6 weeks ago by kuiskata
Halo Effect - Chapter 1 - Alex51324 - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
(1 fic/?)

The Halo Effect is the tendency for a positive impression in one area to produce a more generous or optimistic interpretation of ambiguous information in other areas.

When Thomas rescues Lady Mary from the nefarious attentions of Turkish houseguest Kemal Pamuk, his employers and coworkers begin to see him differently...and Things Get Better.

A Season One AU diverging from canon in Episode 3, The One Where The Turkish Gentleman Dies in Mary's Bed.
fic  DowntonAbbey  character:ThomasBarrow  character:AnnaBates  character:JohnBates  character:CharlesCarson  character:ElsieHughes  character:SarahO'Brien  au  Thomas/OC 
7 weeks ago by kuiskata
Halo Effect - Alex51324 - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
Mr. Carson scoffed, and blew on the tea to cool it.  “He’s not half as clever as he thinks he is.  I know perfectly well what he’s up to.”

“All of the others have been allowed to have their dates,” Mrs. Hughes pointed out.

“And he’s been on more of them than anyone else, if that’s the way he wants to play it.”

Mrs. Hughes gave him a flat look.  “I’ve spoken to Anna about it, and as far as I can tell, the young man is perfectly respectable.”

Mr. Carson gave her a look that mirrored her own.  “I don’t see how that can be.”

“With one glaring exception, perhaps,” she conceded.  “I think it’s rather sweet that he’s gone to the trouble of arranging a chaperone.  He’d not have had to.”
8 weeks ago by theautomaticlady
Prelude - Once_More_With_Feeling - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
Mrs. Hughes shows Thomas a bit of kindness, on a difficult day. Set before all my other stories; after the war, but before Jimmy.
fic  DowntonAbbey  gen  character:ElsieHughes  character:ThomasBarrow 
april 2019 by kuiskata
Wedding Night Demons - Athena_Mou - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
It's their wedding night and Mary realizes that even with her limited experience, she is the most experienced of the two.
fanfic  downtonabbey  mary/matthew 
december 2018 by winekitteh
Taking Her There - Silvestria - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
Direct continuation of the Christmas Special. In which ALL IS HAPPINESS AND NOTHING HURTS.
fanfic  downtonabbey  mary/matthew 
december 2018 by winekitteh
A Girl in Black
"I'm not as sad as I should be. That's what makes me sad." The Titanic sinks, Patrick dies, and Mary attends a ball-where she meets a man who makes his living on scandal but doesn't find her behaviour scandalous at all. AU from Series 1
downtonabbey  fanfic  chaptered  complete  TBR  09/10  het  mary/carlisle 
june 2018 by excentryke
Sapping Attention: Making Downton more traditional
"So I thought: why not just check every single line in the show for historical accuracy? Idioms are the most colorful examples, but the whole language is always changing. There must be dozens of mistakes no one else is noticing. Google has digitized so much of written language that I don't have to rely on my ear to find what sounds wrong; a computer can do that far faster and better. So I found some copies of the Downton Abbey scripts online, and fed every single two-word phrase through the Google Ngram database to see how characteristic of the English Language, c. 1917, Downton Abbey really is."
downtonabbey  tv  downton  anachronisms  language  2017 
january 2018 by handcoding
Chocolate Cake - theowlandtheunicorn - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
Post season 6. A week into his job as the butler of Downton Abbey, Thomas gets an unexpected gift from Daisy.
fic  DowntonAbbey  gen  character:ThomasBarrow  character:DaisyMason 
december 2017 by kuiskata
RT : Another great epi of ! Hope that Carson+Hughes can compromise. Fave outfit: Edith's.
S6E2  DowntonAbbey  DowntonPBS  from twitter
december 2017 by mgprojekt
Jeeves and the Inferior Valet, or, Thomas and the Kindest Man in England - Alex51324 - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
Bertie Wooster visits Downton Abbey, sans Jeeves, and a rummy sitch ensues. Or, Thomas is caught in a compromising position with a male guest, and is promptly thrown out on his ear. Fortunately, the guest is too much of a preux chevalier to leave him to deal with the problem on his own.... // AMAZE
wellwrittenftw  xover  jeevesandwooster  downtonabbey  sweet 
november 2017 by simplyjinspirational
RT : and Stars' Date Goes *Really* Wrong in 's Miniseries — Watch…
Liar  DowntonAbbey  Forever  from twitter
august 2017 by LibrariesVal

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