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Technology Post-mortems
A collection of outage postmortems from big and small companies.
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4 days ago by garrettc
Learn from and celebrate great incident response teams -
HugOps is a movement to show support and empathy for the humans that work hard to keep your favorite services up and running. Help spread the HugOps love!
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10 days ago by kme
Zero-Downtime Rolling Updates With Kubernetes - Sebastian Daschner
rs handle termination signals; it’s up to us developers that we dockerize them correctly.

The next step is to include readiness probes that check whether our application is ready to handle traffic. Ideally, the probes already check for the status of functionality that requires warm-ups, such as caches or servlet initialization.

The readiness probes are our starting point for smoo
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12 weeks ago by schiko
pgDash - Comprehensive PostgreSQL Monitoring
In-Depth PostgreSQL Monitoring
Measure and track every aspect of your PostgreSQL databases
Beta Signup
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june 2018 by sherbondy

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