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Bitcoin, a commentary | LBO News from Doug Henwood
The classic economist’s definition of money is that it is a store of value, a unit of account, and a medium of exchange.
... Bitcoin has serious problems in all three aspects.
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january 2018 by suitable
The Sharing Economy? (15 minute shortened version) by Upstream
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"In this shortened version of this episode, we look at how companies like Airbnb and Uber have influenced an entire generation and entirely shifted the economic landscape of major cities like San Francisco. Through candid conversations with journalists and industry insiders, we explore the darker side of these giant companies and investigate how this phenomenon arose and what implications are in store.

Featured guests:

Doug Henwood (Author, radio host, columnist for Harper's and the Nation Magazine)

Keally McBride (Professor of Politics and the Chair of International Studies at the University of San Francisco)

David Korman (Lyft driver, former TaskRabbit, Couchsurfing host)"
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february 2017 by robertogreco
Bad Subjects: I Was a Teen-Age Reactionary
I have an embarrassing confession to make: in 1972, I cast my first ever presidential votes — primary and general — against Richard Nixon, because he wasn't conservative enough. The final straw was wage and price controls, a statist defilement of the market's purity.
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september 2015 by atbradley
Doug Henwood - COUNTERPUNCH spreads the libertarian line on the...
Doug Henwood vs. a Sheldon Richman FFF reprint at CounterPunch:
January 6 · Brooklyn, NY ·
"COUNTERPUNCH spreads the libertarian line on the Obamacare contraception mandate. What reactionary claptrap:"
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september 2014 by joel3k
Re: [Pen-l] At least it isn't the Dark Ages ?
Doug Henwood quotes Karl Marx: "It is far too easy to be 'liberal' at the expense of the Middle Ages."
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october 2013 by joel3k
History, but not exactly a secret
doug henwood critiques the shock doctrine
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june 2013 by joel3k
[lbo-talk] A Critical Review of David Graeber's Debt
"[David] Graeber's a very smart and informed guy." -- Doug Henwood
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april 2013 by joel3k
Political Animal - Why Employers Like Unemployment
All very nice. But this illustrates something that only became clear reading Doug Henwood’s Wall Street; namely that the owner class does not particularly like full employment.
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november 2012 by suitable
Kickstarters I’d like to see — Crooked Timber
"Justin Fox has a piece on Doug Henwood’s wonderful book, Wall Street"
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november 2012 by suitable
MinnPost - "We just don't nationalize things here": Doug Henwood on the banks and more - Political Economy by Steve Perry
"The rationale for opposing nationalization seems in tatters, but there is this kind of instinctive response that we just don't do things that way. America's special; we do things differently; we can't do it because we're Americans. It doesn't really seem any more complicated than that...Especially because Obama himself does not want to be painted as a leftist. He wants to be painted as a centrist, a pragmatist, post-political. But right now it looks like the pragmatic, post-political thing to do would be to nationalize them."
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march 2009 by arosner
Mutually Exclusive - Mother Jones
Doug Henwood examines "socially responsible" investment funds, and their somewhat inconsistent application of moral criteria. Some of the companies they invest in include Wal-Mart, Merck, Arco, and Microsoft. "For my own part, I believe the wretched treatment of workers is one of the more pressing social problems of our day, but just 25 percent of SRI portfolios have a labor screen. The relative standing of tobacco to workers in SRI is an interesting indicator of demographics: For most investors, unions represent an obstacle, not an incentive. After all, stronger unions and higher wages mean lower profits, and lower profits mean lower stock prices." The article's ten years old, but SRI is still basically the same now, with the addition of a large number of investment funds following Sharia law.
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november 2008 by arosner

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