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reach the pain point, and THEN add on 2 minutes!

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9 days ago by dtomoff
I'm in Ferguson watching the frontline activists <3 There are a sele…
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march 2019 by firecatcher
Color of Education | Public School Forum
If you really want to #dothework in education for *all* kids, please watch, then rewatch this talk by @nhannajones Nicole Hanna-Jones. Follow her work. Then, take action to #ClearTheAir
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october 2018 by occam98
You ain't boiling this from, when he done, he is going to know how to boil you!
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march 2017 by SolomonCroesus
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RT : CV of failures. I appreciate this. Really, no one who is successful just coasted into it.
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april 2016 by mendel
Twitter / JohnCena: Temptation is all around us. ...
Temptation is all around us. U and U alone chose, to walk across the street, or stay and #dothework @changetime
- John Cena (JohnCena)
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july 2014 by shcraddock

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