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rcm :: Github
rc file (dotfile) management
mac  github  rc  dotfile 
8 weeks ago by newtux
dotfiles - My bash, python, etc configuration files (but not .vimrc, that lives on a standalone repos)
january 2014 by kosqx
Zsh - ArchWiki
Configuring $PATH

Information about setting up the system path per user in zsh can be found here:

In short, put the following in ~/.zshenv:


typeset -U path
path=(~/bin /other/things/in/path $path)
dotfile  configfile  shell  zsh  solution 
january 2014 by kme
How to manage *nix dot file better under OS X
dotfile  mac 
december 2013 by avalonalex
Setting Up a Mac Dev Machine From Zero to Hero With Dotfiles | Nettuts+
Setting up a new machine can often be an exciting prospect. However, as developers, there are a lot of tools we need that don't come as standard. In this
setup  mac  osx  dev  development  dotfile  automate  configuration 
december 2013 by sebbi

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