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J-1 Visa
The requirement for J-1 visa
J-1  visa  DOS  website 
4 days ago by asuhail
8088 MPH
A PC / CGA demo from 2015. Link to video, plus technical explanation of how it works
games  demos  demoscene  scene  tootme  via:metafilter  pc  dos 
8 days ago by nelson
How To Add DOS doors to Raspberry Pi Mystic
This tutorial is intended for BBS sysops who wish to run DOS door games on their Raspberry Pi (or other ARM device)
bbs  dos  retro  emulation  doors 
17 days ago by deusx
Far Manager Official Site : screenshots
note: colors are nice, could be copied for Unix terminals
also: good featureset...
ui  dos 
4 weeks ago by mhd
Jones in the Fast Lane online | My Abandonware
Play again Jones in the Fast Lane online, immediately in your browser with My Abandonware - nothing to install!
games  DOS  retro  emulation  online  simulation  DOSBox 
6 weeks ago by janneaa

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