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"Work together like you’re in the same room. Fast screen sharing with multiplayer control, drawing & video."
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yesterday by niksilver
Don't Just Throw Together a Webinar — The Virtual Events Crash Course You Need | First Round Review
"For those jumping into virtual events and online community building for the first time. Where should you get started? Spinks offers five principles for you to keep in mind as your rev up your online event engine."
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2 days ago by niksilver
GitLab's Guide to All-Remote | GitLab
"GitLab is the world's largest all-remote company [...] On this page and subpages, we'll share what "all-remote" really means, how it works at GitLab, some tips and tricks for remote teams, and resources to learn more."
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17 days ago by niksilver
How a hacker’s mom broke into prison—and the warden’s computer | Ars Technica
"John Strand breaks into things for a living. [...] But in July 2014, prepping for a pen test of a South Dakota correctional facility, he took a decidedly different tack. He sent his mom."
security  crime  cyber_security  dopost 
4 weeks ago by niksilver
The VP Product Role | Silicon Valley Product Group
"I work with quite a few different product companies, and I am often asked to recommend and evaluate potential [VP Product] candidates. I have done so much of this lately that it inspired me to write up my views on this product leadership role."
recruitment  product_development  advice  dopost 
5 weeks ago by niksilver
Team Objectives - Overview | Silicon Valley Product Group
"If the company is still using feature teams, as most unfortunately are, then the OKR technique is going to be a cultural mismatch, and almost certainly prove a waste of time and effort. The OKR technique came from companies that had empowered product teams in their DNA. OKR’s are first and foremost an empowerment technique."
product_management  okrs  management  dopost 
5 weeks ago by niksilver
Feelings: what's the point of rational thought if emotions always take over?
"Even the most emotional person uses rational thought when deciding, and even the most rational person is affected by emotions when making decisions. [...] But evolution has supported the development of feeling and thinking exactly because we need them both."
evolution  psychology  brains  decision_making  dopost 
5 weeks ago by niksilver
How to Use Scenario Analysis to Manage in Uncertain Times
Overview of scenario analyis. "Scenario analysis is a method for creating responses to various future events with the aim of reducing uncertainty and maximizing the chances of achieving a desired outcome."
scenario_analysis  planning  uncertainty  dopost 
5 weeks ago by niksilver
Scenario Analysis - Strategy Skills Training from
How to use scenario analysis. "Scenario Analysis can help you to make better decisions, or to plan your business strategy, by challenging your assumptions about the future."
scenario_analysis  planning  uncertainty  dopost 
5 weeks ago by niksilver
Don’t let OKRs displace product strategy - Dan Slate - Medium
"OKRs are a tool to measure success. They should be used to guide the execution of and measure the success of the company and product strategy, not as a substitute for crafting sound strategy in the first place."
product_management  business_strategy  okrs  dopost 
6 weeks ago by niksilver
Continuous Compliance | Dave Farley’s Weblog
"Nevertheless, when describing the Continuous Delivery approach to people I am regularly asked, “Yes, that all sounds very good, but it can’t possibly work in a regulated environment can it?”. I have come to the opposite conclusion. I believe that CD is an essential component of ANY regulated approach. That is, I believe that it is not possible to implement a genuinely compliant, regulated system in the absence of CD!"
continuous_deployment  compliance  security  regulation  devops  dopost  banking 
6 weeks ago by niksilver
Goodbye, Clean Code — Overreacted
"Obsessing with “clean code” and removing duplication is a phase many of us go through. [...] I suggest to think deeply about what you mean when you say “clean” or “dirty”."
software_development  design  dopost 
6 weeks ago by niksilver
Risk-based cyber risk reporting | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"My point is that all assessments of what might happen (aka risk) should be made based on how the achievement of business objectives might be affected."
risk_management  risk_appetite  risk  cyber_security  dopost 
6 weeks ago by niksilver
Agile Light and Dark, and Becoming Value-Driven – Charles Lambdin
Shifting the focus from software to value: "So…what’s wrong with output? [...] Really you should focus on maximizing value per MINIMAL output, and you can’t do that if speed of building is coin of the realm."
value  agile  criticism  dopost  scrum  safe 
7 weeks ago by niksilver
Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit | Copyright Norman Marks, all rights reserved
Link risk with reward: "The point is that the acquisition will not only increase the possibility of harm, but the possibility of reward."
risk  risk_management  dopost 
7 weeks ago by niksilver
The Product Kata — Melissa Perri
"Implementing Continuous Improvement and Kata helped the teams create better processes and remove bottlenecks. [...] As I was working with the Kanban team, I realized that I was using this process to create successful products. This framework was just much clearer than the way I was going about it in my own head."
lean  kanban  product_development  productivity  learning  dopost 
8 weeks ago by niksilver
Another LP word-count program, plus a critique of Doug McIlroy's critique of Knuth: "Doug McIlroy, consummate engineer, disdains to practice architecture at all on such a pedestrian task; he hauls in the pieces of a prefabricated house and has the roof up that afternoon. (After all, his firm makes the best prefabs in the business.)"
criticism  literate_programming  dopost  programming  design 
8 weeks ago by niksilver
Interview with M.D. McIlroy
Doug McIlroy (slightly) regrets how he critiqued Donald Knuth's literate word-count program in Programming Pearls.
interview  literate_programming  donald_knuth  dopost  design 
8 weeks ago by niksilver
Programming Pearls: A literate program
Donald Knuth's literate word counting program, with a critique by Doug McIlroy of Bell Labs. From Communications of the ACM, June 1986.
pdf  literate_programming  criticism  programming  dopost 
8 weeks ago by niksilver

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