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Being a start-up CTO (or ‘how I fired myself enough times to finally become CTO’)
"It’s one challenge to be CTO in a ‘normal’ startup, it’s quite a separate challenge to also be at the forefront of a new category. I’ll post separately about the category challenges, but first, here’s my functional CTO story..."
jobs  scalability  startups  product_management  dopost  learning 
6 days ago by niksilver
Testing Strategies in a Microservice Architecture
"Here, we plan to discuss a number of approaches for managing the additional testing complexity of multiple independently deployable components as well as how to have tests and the application remain correct despite having multiple teams each acting as guardians for different services."
microservices  testing  architecture  dopost 
7 days ago by niksilver
ReMarkable tablet review: The high price of getting that paper feeling | Ars Technica
"But the company reMarkable is trying to expand E Ink's use with the reMarkable paper tablet, a slab with a 10.3-inch E Ink display and an included stylus. Not only is it meant to be a reading device, but the reMarkable is designed to replace pretty much any papers you have to bring with you anywhere—books, documents, notes, sketches, and the like."
review  tablets  productivity  dopost  hardware 
11 days ago by niksilver
Georgia defends voting system despite 243-percent turnout in one precinct | Ars Technica
"Georgia is one of four states in the US that continues to use voting machines with no ability to provide voters a paper record so that they can verify the machine counted their vote correctly."
voting  security  failure  dopost 
13 days ago by niksilver -> The Zen of Erlang
"If you've ever looked at Erlang before, you've heard about that "Let it crash" motto. My first encounter with it had me wondering what the hell this was about. Erlang was supposed to be great for concurrency and fault tolerance, and here I was being told to let things crash..."
presentation  erlang  programming  distributed_computing  dopost 
24 days ago by niksilver
Goodbye Microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar · Segment Blog
"It seemed as if we were falling from the microservices tree, hitting every branch on the way down. Instead of enabling us to move faster, the small team found themselves mired in exploding complexity. Essential benefits of this architecture became burdens. As our velocity plummeted, our defect rate exploded."
microservices  failure  architecture  dopost 
5 weeks ago by niksilver
Axiologik | Turning The Tides – 8 Key Areas Of Exploration For Leadership Grappling With Struggling Programmes
"...a fair chunk of our work is helping clients understand where transformation programmes are struggling and then working closely with them to establish and execute recovery plans. Typically, the challenges we find clients facing boil down into 8 key areas and we thought it may be of use to list those out..."
transformation  failure  dopost 
5 weeks ago by niksilver
Why the fuss about serverless? – Hacker Noon
"If it helps, serverless is roughly where Infrastructure as a Service (e.g. cloud) was in late 2007. [...] If you currently have regrets about not moving fast enough back then, just know you’re about to make the same mistake again."
business_strategy  serverless  cloud_computing  dopost  devops 
6 weeks ago by niksilver
How Adobe productivity increased after an executive leaked HR plans to press - Business Insider Deutschland
"Rather than rely on the human resources team to conduct sessions or base compensation off of feedback from those sessions, the new system asked leaders throughout the company take charge of the process and compensate employees based on things like performance."
adobe  remuneration  performance  human_resources  management  dopost 
6 weeks ago by niksilver
New information about cyber risk is alarming | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"Six in ten (56%) report that their organisation has suffered a ransomware attack in the last 12 months, compared to under half (48%) who said the same in 2016. Of those whose organisation has suffered a ransomware attack in the last 12 months, they have had to defend against five ransomware attacks during this period, on average."
risk_management  ransomware  dopost  security 
6 weeks ago by niksilver
The Shocking Secret About Static Types – JavaScript Scene – Medium
"When it comes to bug reduction, I think it’s fair to say: Static types are overrated. But when it comes to other features, static types are still cool, and may still be worth using. Bottom line: You want to reduce bugs? Use TDD. You want useful code intelligence tools? Use static types."
software  bugs  testing  test_driven_development  dopost  javascript  typescript 
7 weeks ago by niksilver
Why hypothetical thinking is only a pale imitation of real life | Oliver Burkeman | Life and style | The Guardian
"Hypothetical thinking, in short, can only ever be a pale imitation of real life. On balance, that’s good news: a reason to worry less about the future, and trust that, if the situation you’re fretting about occurs, you might surprise yourself by knowing precisely what to do."
decision_making  psychology  dopost 
8 weeks ago by niksilver
The man who was fired by a machine - BBC News
"The story of Mr Diallo's sacking by machine began when his entry pass to the Los Angeles skyscraper where his office was based failed to work, forcing him to rely on the security guard to allow him entry."
artificial_intelligence  jobs  failure  weird  dopost 
8 weeks ago by niksilver
The crooked timber of humanity | 1843
"The world’s first national data network was constructed in France during the 1790s. It was a mechanical telegraph system, consisting of chains of towers, each of which had a system of movable wooden arms on top."
history  crime  security  hacking  dopost  networks 
8 weeks ago by niksilver
Slack’s Stewart Butterfield on coping with rapid growth | Financial Times
"Trust is like “gravity”, he says, “it falls off very quickly”."
trust  slack  interview  leadership  dopost 
8 weeks ago by niksilver
Why automated continuous integration is a must for microservices success
"Microservice architectures put a tremendous amount of pressure on the testing infrastructure. You need to have a good CI strategy and automated testing harness to make sure that you can test all the edge cases and all the different integration points between the services."
microservices  continuous_deployment  testing  automation  dopost  advice 
9 weeks ago by niksilver
"...with microservices there are serious consequences for operations[...]. Consequently if you don't have certain baseline competencies, you shouldn't consider using the microservice style."
advice  micropayments  dopost 
10 weeks ago by niksilver
Should we “tear up the risk appetite” statement? | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"[Lauren Gow says] A risk appetite document is a vertical silo tool. And it is being used during a period when most businesses are pushing for more horizontal, integrated ways of working."
risk_management  dopost 
12 weeks ago by niksilver
Elon Musk wants to crowdsource truth, but that’s not how the internet works - The Verge
"[Elon Musk's] Pravda is not just a bad idea; it’s a dangerous one for the internet, truth, and democracy. Let me explain why."
truth  crowdsourcing  propaganda  analysis  dopost 
12 weeks ago by niksilver
Carillion - Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Work and Pensions Committees - House of Commons
"Carillion’s rise and spectacular fall was a story of recklessness, hubris and greed. Its business model was a relentless dash for cash, driven by acquisitions, rising debt, expansion into new markets and exploitation of suppliers."
carrillion  report  dopost  risk_management  failure 
may 2018 by niksilver

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