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Bomboloni with Chocolate Espresso, Whisky Caramel, and Clementine Sauces recipe |
available at north italia in Fashion Valley
Northern italian small donuts. Zeppole are southern italian
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5 weeks ago by pegasus505
Behold apple cider doughnuts, the surest sign of fall
Thirty-five miles northwest of Chicago is Long Grove, a town that’s earned considerable renown for its apple cider doughnuts. Of all the things your town can become synonymous with, apple cider doughnuts is pretty neat. These doughnuts were sold fresh at a shop called the Long Grove Apple Haus, and they were a revelation. Until I tasted it, I didn’t know adding apple cider to doughnut batter was possible. They were warm, fluffy, light as cotton, with autumnal flavors of apples and cinnamon.
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october 2018 by egwillim
Donut Manifesto | The importance of donuts | Lara Hogan
Eating a donut is an integral part of my career celebration process.

Years ago, I found that whenever something awesome happened in my career – maybe I got published, or promoted, or launched a project – I wouldn’t take the time to celebrate the achievement. I’m an achiever by nature, the kind who feels like every day starts at zero. Not deliberately marking these moments left me feeling like I wasn’t actually accomplishing anything. “Oh cool, that A List Apart article went up,” I would think, then move on with my day.

Once I realized that this was happening, I decided to be deliberate about marking achievements by eating one donut. Well, sometimes more than one, if it’s a really big deal. The act of donut-eating has actually helped me feel like I’m accomplishing my career goals. As I started to share this idea with more people, I found that it resonated with others, especially young career-driven women who are routinely achieving goals and furthering their career but don't take the time to note their own success.

I decided to start celebrating in a public way so that more people may be inspired to find their own ways of marking their career achievements. These are those donuts.
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august 2018 by bezthomas

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