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AT&T’s wireless chief on 5G: ‘Early opportunities are going to be in enterprise’ | FierceWireless
“We are first where it matters most,” AT&T’s John Donovan said of the operator’s move to 5G. "The early opportunities are going to be in enterprise."

“We’re seeing a lot of demand from enterprise customers for blurring the line between what has historically been a wide area network, mobile, with a local area network, which has traditionally been wired,” he said during an AT&T analyst presentation featuring all of the company’s top leadership.
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december 2018 by yorksranter
Surname Database: Donovan Last Name Origin
hey Kenna, this says that the Donovans were originally from Limerick before they settled in Cork... isn't Ryan's family (Maloney) from Limerick?
july 2017 by Leananshae
O'Donovan family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Danish relations

The O'Donovans are associated with the Uí Ímair (House of Ivar). A variant even appeared in the Encyclopædia Britannica for a few decades, namely that some O'Donovans are actually male line descendants of the son of Ivar of Waterford mentioned above,.[31] Although agreed upon by scholars to have been quite prominent during the second half of the 10th century and first two centuries of the second millennium, the family are poorly documented during this period, except for references in the epic political tracts Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib and Caithréim Chellacháin Chaisil[32] because the sources as they have come down to us are very fragmentary. The Danish dynasty repeatedly used six names throughout their history[33] and of these the O'Donovans were fond of no less than three, namely Ragnall, Amlaíb, and Ímar itself. Two of these even became sept names which were still known as late as the 17th century. The historical Sliocht Íomhair, who were undoubtedly considered O'Donovans, clearly have a Danish lineage. Furthermore, Ragnall, the very favourite, and once as common or more in the family as any Gaelic name, was also the favourite name of the royal family of Waterford. So intermarriage is a 100% certainty even if the sources are few. The Scoto-Irish Clann Somhairle, today represented mainly by the Clan Donald, are also widely regarded to be at least maternal descendants of the Uí Ímair, even their successors in the Isles.[34] They are fond to this day of two out of six, namely Ragnall and Gofraid.
The Normans

A neglected connection with another family must be mentioned. One or two important tales may be suggestive of association with one or another of the southern septs of the great De Burgh dynasty, beginning in the second half of the 13th or first half of the 14th century. Their ancestor William de Burgh was of course the leader of the expedition resulting in the death of Amlaíb in 1201, but the Burkes soon enough became very Gaelicized and integrated into Irish society, sprouting numerous septs throughout the provinces. Some members of one of these from County Limerick may actually have settled in O'Donovan territory, on lands granted them within his own by Ímar Ua Donnubáin, according to a legend recorded by Edith Anna Somerville.[35]
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