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Lawrence Ellison Foundation | Fostering creativity in biomedical research
"The Lawrence Ellison Foundation (LEF) is carrying out a strategic review of its activities. The six-month process will be completed by the end of 2018. Next year, the LEF will relaunch its mission and program investment strategy from a new operational center in London. A new website will set out the LEF’s aims, principles and activities."
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In need of new ways to engage to increase ? We recently wrote a for our friends…
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9 weeks ago by jerrythepunkrat
How to ensure grant-making helps and doesn't hinder | IVAR
What can funders do to help their grantees - particularly small organisations - survive the funding process?
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10 weeks ago by sdp
Center for the Cultivation of Technology – Renewable Freedom Foundation
The Center for the Cultivation of Technology provides a supportive and nurturing environment for free and open source projects. We take care of organizational matters for the projects, including contract management, office and legal setup, fundraising, progress reporting and tax filing. Additionally, the Center trains and empowers project maintainers to navigate organizational matters themselves, so they can choose to set up their own organization using our platform and tools should they wish to do so.
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