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New narratives of resilience - Laboratory Planet
Revised from “Donna Haraway and Cary Wolfe in Conversation”, Manifestly Haraway (University of Minnesota Press, 2016). Perhaps it is time to write a “Chthulucene Manifesto.” “My” Chthulucene is the time of mortal compositions at stake to and with each other.
chthulucene  donna  haraway  manifesto  stream 
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Turn Around No GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers - Find & Share on GIPHY
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CENHS @ Rice! » New Materialism, Environmental Justice, and Digital Sites of Resistance: Figuring the Cyborg Activist
Below is a shortened version of Annie Culver’s essay that won Honorable Mention in the 2017 Greene Prize for Environmental Writing. Annie is a PhD student in English at Rice University.
activism  additivism  cyborg  donna  haraway  environment  materialism  new  posthumanism  reading  refiguring  stream 
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Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
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Turn Around Car GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers - Find & Share on GIPHY
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Rileggere Donna Haraway ai tempi di Stranger Things
E' con la pubblicazione del suo Cyborg Manifesto che Haraway apre la strada a nuove modalità narrative, con esplicite contaminazioni provenienti dalla fantascienza femminista e dalla cultura cyberpunk. I soggetti in gioco qui sono “cyborg.”
Donna  Haraway  Healdsburg  CA  Philosophy  Cyborgs  Italian  Feminisms 
january 2018 by dbourn
Le donne africane raccontano le mutilazioni genitali - Internazionale
“Urlavo, ricordo ancora il dolore. Ero molto piccola e mi tagliarono con una lametta. La prima notte di nozze è stata molto difficile, era come mettere una fiamma sopra una ferita”, racconta una donna vittima di infibulazione. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  africa  donna  infibulazione  video 
october 2017 by cristianconti
All of Space and Time and Place by Sholio
Bucky Barnes and Donna Noble, intergalactic space vagrants.
fic  gen  mcu  dw  captainamerica  au  crossover  buckybarnes  donna 
july 2017 by yasaman
Rose decides to leave. The Doctor wants to win her back - but is there more to her departure than his betrayal of her trust?
WIP  AO3  DoctorWho  author:lauraxtennant  Ten  Rose  Donna  Martha  Jackie  TenxRose 
may 2017 by Red_Paladin6
The hidden costs that threaten Australian literary awards
University of Western Australia Publishing (UWAP) has announced that it will not be entering books it published into literary awards next year, citing minimal sales of winning entries did not offset the costs of entering (feeds, supplying books, postage, labour). The article includes comments from representatives of HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan Australia, Knopf Vintage (Penguin Random House Australia), Allen & Unwin, Scribe Australia, Giramondo Publishing, Inkerman & Blunt, Transit Lounge and Ventura Press.
#books  #publishing  A.S.  Patric  Allen  &  Unwin  Black  Rock  White  City  (2015)  Cate  Paterson  Children's  Book  Council  of  Australia  Book  of  the  Year  Awards  Charlotte  Wood  Donna  Ward  Geoffrey  Lehmann  Giramondo  Publishing  HarperCollins  Hope  Farm  (2015)  Inkerman  &  Blunt  Ivor  Indyk  Jane  Curry  Jane  Palfreyman  Katherine  Johnson  Knopf  Vintage  literary  Meredith  Curnow  Miles  Franklin  Award  for  a  novel  Pan  Macmillan  Australia  Peggy  Frew  Penguin  Random  House  Australia  Poems  1957-2013  (2014)  Prime  Minister's  Award  for  poetry  Prime  Minister's  Awards  Prime  Minister’s  Awards  for  fiction  Scribe  Australia  Shona  Martyn  Stephen  Carroll  Stephen  Conte  Terri-ann  White  Better  Son  (2016)  Natural  Way  of  Things  (2015)  Stella  Prize  Time  We  Have  Taken  (2007)  Zookeeper's  War  (2007)  Transit  Lounge  University  of  Western  Australia  Publishing  Ventura  Press 
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