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95-03-06: Statement by Baha'i International Community, Mr. Lawrence Arturo (EN)
Please note that this letter is written from the Baha'i to the U.N. When viewing this letter in whole you will see this is directly from the United Nations website.

The following can be found on this page.

The principle of the oneness of humanity must be wholeheartedly embraced by those in whose hands the responsibility for decision-making rests, and its related tenets -
including the concept of world citizenship -- must be propagated through both educational systems and the media.
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1893 – Search Results – Bahai Faith | Baha'i Faith | United States Official Website
This search provided on the Baha'i U.S. web site shows this organizations ties to 1893. Just click the link above.
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National Conference for Community and Justice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
You need to look in the Wiki archives to see the statement below. BEFORE 08-12-09

NCCJ's nature as an interfaith organization makes it appealing to members of all faiths, as participants in various programs identify with a wide array of religions and life-stances, including, but certainly not limited to Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Hindu, Unitarian Universalism, Agnostic, Judaism, Humanism, Bahá'í, Wicca, Sikhism, and Non-Religious. Something interesting to note would be the attraction to the NCCJ of those of the Bahá'í faith, who are heavily represented in its membership, compared to their relatively low numbers in the general population.
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Are Baha'is Christian?
Are Baha'is Christian?

Baha'is will answer, 'yes.' They claim the foundations of Christianity and the religion of Baha'u'llah are one. The foundations of all the divine Prophets and Holy Books are one. The difference among them is one of terminology only.
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