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churros – smitten kitchen
Made these with Zach 5/18. They were delicious!

I used recipe ingredients as listed (16oz water/ 1.5oz butter/ 1oz sugar/ 1 tsp vanilla/ ½ tsp sea salt/ 8.5oz AP flour/ 2 eggs), but followed my own technique:

Boiled water, butter, sugar, vanilla, and salt.
Transfered to bowl of stand mixer with paddle.
Added flour on low speed.
Beat on medium speed until temp dropped to 140-160ºF.
Added eggs one at a time, scraping bowl down as needed.
Mixed until glossy.
Piped directly into large dutch oven with oil @ 375ºF using ateco 876 large star tip.
Patted off excess oil and rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Kept in 200ºF oven in hopes that the insides would firm up a bit (they didn't really).

Our only complaint was that the insides were a little eggy/soft, whereas we prefer chewy. Maybe fry them in 350ºF oil next time? Increase flour or use only one egg?
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