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Focaccia Bread Recipe | Bon Appetit
I don't love focaccia, but this was good, and Zach loved it!

I used 30oz bread flour
2 ¼ tsp instant yeast
Pinch of sugar
1.2oz diamond crystal kosher salt
Recommended amounts of EVOO (ROI)
24oz room temp water

Mixed all together and kneaded for 5m on speed 4.

Proofed until doubled in size, then flattened onto TWO well-oiled quarter sheet pans (~25oz dough each). Let one proof at room temp until it almost reached top of pan, poked roasted garlic cloves from one whole head into dough and then oiled dough. then baked 20m at 450.
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3 days ago by snicholson
Green Chile Enchilada Recipe | Two Peas & Their Pod
Made second time 10/2018-- still really good! I used my salsa verde for enchiladas/chilaquiles recipe for the sauce (subbed 2 or 3 hatch chiles for jalapeño), cheddar, monterrey jack, and colby jack for the filling. Filling: one large diced onion, 4 large cloves garlic, 5oz spinach, ½ tsp cumin, salt to taste, pinch of ancho chile, 1 chopped hatch chile. Squeezed out excess moisture from filling and chopped well. Really good!
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17 days ago by snicholson

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