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Blackberry Layer Cake - Everyday Annie
This took me 4h active time start to finish + chilling overnight

Gram measurements are sometimes off. I used a combination of volume, gram, and my own ounce conversion measurements... I don't really remember.

Cake was awesome! A little tangy, nice moist crumb, a little dense, a little fluffy, pretty good structure. I added 1 tsp vanilla.

Berry crumb was also very tasty. I questioned a few of the steps, especially when my white chocolate was not "drizzle-able", but it turned out awesome! I only baked the crumb about 15-17m, and whisked to combine butter to preserve large chunks. I wasn't sure there would be enough crumb to go in all the layers, but I just put the smaller crumbs between the cake layers, reserving the larger crumbs for on top of the cake.

The blackberry curd was my least favorite component. It was interesting, technique-wise. But there is a lot of salt and not a lot of berry flavor. I thought it was going to mess up the flavor of the cake, but all together, it was very good.

The blackberry sauce was your standard berry sauce and pretty good (VERY good when all the components were put together), but it was so loose! I would use some gelatin next time, as it ruined the structural integrity of the cake :(

I did a 1.5x recipe for the frosting and it was tasty.

I used frozen Private Selection blackberries (about 24oz total). Overall, the cake was delicious, bright, tangy, and perfect blackberry flavor. I'm just disappointed that it collapsed because: 1. we had trouble getting the cake ring off (next time, use an 8-inch cake board and try to figure out the acetate better), and the blackberry sauce was too soft to provide any structural integrity.
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5 days ago by snicholson
Turmeric Soaked Chickpeas Recipe - 101 Cookbooks
These are great! I made ½ recipe, which yielded 4 cups cooked chickpeas

At 50m, they were very soft. Not mush, but very soft. Maybe try 40-45m.
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11 days ago by snicholson

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