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4 days ago by dmje
I’m begging you: Stop donating canned goods to food banks | National Post
Canned goods have a particularly low rate of charitable return. They’re heavy, they’re awkward and they can be extremely difficult to fit into a family’s meal plan. Worst of all, the average consumer is buying their canned goods at four to five times the rock-bottom bulk price that can be obtained by the food bank itself.

That $1 you spent on tuna could have purchased $4 worth of tuna if put in the hands of non-profit employee whose only job is to buy food as cheaply as possible. The savvy buyers at the Calgary Food Bank, for instance, promise that they can stretch $1 into $5.
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6 weeks ago by kme
Why giving cash, not clothing, is usually best after disasters
How can in-kind donations cause more harm than good? While ostensibly free, donated goods raise the cost of the response cycle: from collecting, sorting, packaging and shipping bulky items across long distances to, upon arrival, reception, sorting, warehousing and distribution.
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6 weeks ago by kme
Lessig tries again on Epstein
And sounds even stupider. Shut up when you're wrong, Larry.
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9 weeks ago by nelson

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