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Donald Trump, the Playboy Model Karen McDougal, and a System for Concealing Infidelity | The New Yorker
Six former A.M.I. employees told me that Pecker routinely makes catch-and-kill arrangements like the one reached with McDougal. “We had stories and we bought them knowing full well they were never going to run,” Jerry George, a former A.M.I. senior editor who worked at the company for more than twenty-five years, told me. George said that Pecker protected Trump. “Pecker really considered him a friend,” George told me. “We never printed a word about Trump without his approval.” Maxine Page, who worked at A.M.I. on and off from 2002 to 2012, including as an executive editor at one of the company’s Web sites, said that Pecker also used the unpublished stories as “leverage” over some celebrities in order to pressure them to pose for his magazines or feed him stories. Several former employees said that these celebrities included Arnold Schwarzenegger, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, and Tiger Woods. (Schwarzenegger, through an attorney, denied this claim. Woods did not respond to requests for comment.) “Even though they’re just tabloids, just rags, it’s still a cause of concern,” Page said. “In theory, you would think that Trump has all the power in that relationship, but in fact Pecker has the power—he has the power to run these stories. He knows where the bodies are buried.”
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Op-ed: The story behind the satellite that Trump wants dead | Ars Technica
The Trump administration wants to remove funding to the Orbiting Carbon Observatory satellite. The satellite is responsible for monitoring the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide on the planet, and this is important because there is still a lot that we don't know about CO2 sources and sinks. NASA already spent the money to launch the OCO into orbit, and now the cost of keeping it running is minuscule. Despite this, Trump wants to shut off the satellite in the name of eliminating "wasteful spending", which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
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Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President - POLITICO Magazine
"There will be no point at which Trump’s most loyal evangelical and charismatic supporters declare they have had enough. Because to do so would be to admit that they were wrong, that God wasn’tbehind Trump’s election, and that their Holy Spirit radar might be on the fritz."
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