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When the World Is Led by a Child - The New York Times
David Brooks MAY 15, 2017
-- "Trump is an infantalist" (or as most of call it, childish)
-- Trump's "falsehoods are attempts to build a world in which he can feel good"
-- He "is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence"
-- He "wants people to love him"
-- "there is perpetually less to Trump than it appears"
-- the Russian leak revealed Trump's"dangerousness"

Please, media, stop analyzing Trump's psychological makeup. He is the impulsive narcissistic you see. He really does think he is owed a "pledge of loyalty". He really does think he's smarter than the Generals, than scientists, experts, academics. He really does think he's owed constant adulation. He really is as hollow as he seems.
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yesterday by jerryking
Trump and the problem with the new normal
Twenty years ago, Nasa scientists asked the sociologist Diane Vaughan to study the causes of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster. Vaughan responded by developing a concept she called "the norma...
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4 days ago by jerryking
I wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ with Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past. - The Washington Post
The Trump I got to know had no deep ideological beliefs, nor any passionate feeling about anything but his immediate self-interest. He derives his sense of significance from conquests and accomplishments. “Can you believe it, Tony?” he would often say at the start of late-night conversations with me, going on to describe some new example of his brilliance. But the reassurance he got from even his biggest achievements was always ephemeral and unreliable — and that appears to include being elected president. Any addiction has a predictable pattern: The addict keeps chasing the high by upping the ante in an increasingly futile attempt to re-create the desired state. On the face of it, Trump has more opportunities now to feel significant and accomplished than almost any other human being on the planet. But that’s like saying a heroin addict has his problem licked once he has free and continuous access to the drug. Trump also now has a far bigger and more public stage on which to fail and to feel unworthy.
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6 days ago by paniedejmirade
Donald Trump staffer found guilty of 10 counts of election fraud | The Independent
A man who worked on Donald Trump’s campaign in Michigan has been found guilty on 10 counts of election fraud.

Brandon Hall, a political activist, forged signatures on petition forms in 2012 and now faces up to five years in prison.

The 27-year-old from Grand Haven, along with his friend Zachary Savage, forged signatures in support of judicial candidate Chris Houtaling.
trump_related  author:shehab_khan  TrumpRussia  Donald_Trump  trump 
9 days ago by Psook
Transcript: Interview with Donald Trump
A rambling tirade from Donald J Trump, Preisdent of the United States and leader of the Republican Party
interview  trumponomics  donald_trump  economics  trump  the_economist 
9 days ago by Psook
Trump’s Expected Pick for Top USDA Scientist Is Not a Scientist
Sam Clovis is expected to head the USDA's research section, which is a position reserved for "distinguished scientists with specialized or significant experience in agricultural research, education, and economics," but Clovis is not a scientist.
Donald_Trump  Sam_Clovis  USDA  science  climate_change  global_warming 
10 days ago by micahrobbins
Russian photographer on White House outrage: 'This is nonsense' - CNN
Reporters weren't allowed into the meeting, and the only images that emerged came from Russian government accounts, while Scherbak's images appeared in Russian state media and its social media accounts.
White House officials had allowed Scherbak, described by the delegation as Lavrov's photographer, to record the meeting, claiming they didn't know he also works for TASS.
"They tricked us," an angry White House official said.
"That's the problem with the Russians -- they lie," the official added.
"So: Russian state media had an exclusive on the Oval Office meeting from which American journalists had been barred," CNN commentator Frida Ghitis wrote.
A White House official said the administration did not anticipate that the Russian government would allow its state news agency to post photographs of the meeting.
Alexandr_Scherbak  donald_trump  Russian_photographer  trump  Sergey_Lavrov  TrumpRussia  Author:Euan_McKirdy 
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