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Facebook to share Russia-linked political adverts with investigators - BBC News
Earlier this month it was revealed that politically-charged advertising had been targeted at American voters, paid for, Facebook believed, by Russian actors with links to the Kremlin.
The adverts did not support a specific candidate, Facebook said, but instead posted inflammatory information on hot topics, such as immigration.
Facebook  DonaldTrump  Brexit  Donald  Trump  Russia  presidential  election  2016  HRC  Hillary  Clinton  HillaryClinton  immigration 
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Trump's advisers spent 90 minutes schooling the president on globalism - Business Insider
In the weeks since the briefing in The Tank, Trump has split with Steve Bannon, his White House chief strategist and the engine of many of his nationalist, isolationist policies. He threatened war with North Korea and agreed to send more US troops to Afghanistan, abandoning his promise to withdraw quickly. Announcing the plan, Trump acknowledged the influence of his advisers.

"My original instinct was to pull out, and, historically, I like following my instincts," Trump said. "But all my life I've heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office — in other words, when you're president of the United States. So I studied Afghanistan in great detail and from every conceivable angle."
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Empire  America 
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Martin Amis rounds on Donald Trump and his 'army of neo-Nazis' | Books | The Guardian
British novelist, now based in the US, uses Guardian interview to compare the president to Mussolini, saying he is ‘that crazy, that deluded’
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump 
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Hillary Clinton's book has a clear message: don't blame me | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian
She seems to have been almost totally unprepared for the outburst of populist anger that characterized 2016, an outburst that came under half a dozen different guises: trade, outsourcing, immigration, opiates, deindustrialization, and the recent spectacle of Wall Street criminals getting bailed out. It wasn’t the issues that mattered so much as the outrage, and Donald Trump put himself in front of it. Clinton couldn’t. [...] But by and large, Clinton’s efforts to understand populism always get short-circuited, probably because taking it seriously might lead one to conclude that working people have a legitimate beef with her and the Democratic party. &! &!
Thomas  Frank  book  HRC  Hillary  Clinton  HillaryClinton  Populism  presidential  election  2016  Donald  Trump  DonaldTrump  Democrats  Dems  BernieSanders  Bernie  Sanders  far-right  right-wing  Capitalism  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Exploitation  American  Dream  post-racial  America  secular  stagnation  wage  income  growth  Productivity  GFC  bailout  recovery  disposable  working  poor  discretionary  spending  credit  card  corruption  transparency  accountability  NAFTA  TPP  TTIP  CETA  double  standard  TBTF  Justice  System  technocrats  technocracy  Austerity 
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Chelsea Clinton On Kathy Griffin Controversy, Running For Office | The View | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Chelsea Clinton On Kathy Griffin Controversy, Running For Office | The View Chelsea Clinton On Kathy Griffin Controversy, Running For Office | The View
IFTTT  WordPress  Sport  Chelsea  clinton  Donald  Trump  hillary  kathy  griffin  The  View 
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Fake Homeland Security and immigration agents are ordering Houston residents to evacuate, page 1
Fake Homeland Security and immigration agents are ordering Houston residents to evacuate via Digg
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For a Second Day, Defense Secretary Mattis Breaks With President Trump
For a Second Day, Defense Secretary Mattis Breaks With President Trump via Digg
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