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Integración de Raspberry en Domótica de sistema HomeKit - TFM-1239-RACERO.pdf
Treball de final de màster d'enginyeria que explica com muntar un sistema basat en Homekit amb una raspberry pi :)
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11 days ago by altadillj
Aeotec Z-wave stick Gen5 on Synology installation - Configuration / Z-Wave - Home Assistant Community
Thank guys!! Problem solved!!. And I didn’t have to launch another container because when stopped you can access to ‘edit’ and change privileges to high and that did the trick!! My zwave stick is now up and running. Thank you marthocoo, squirtbrnr and tinkerer even if I thought it was permissions related, I could have been DAYS to solve it, appreciate it sincerely!.
Z-Wave  Aeonlabs  domotica  Synology  NAS 
15 days ago by dominomaster
Vera3 power light is blinking green&orange OR power light is solid green - Community Playground / General Discussions - Vera Community
Try to restore you unit firmware following this tutorial, if you are unable, then follow the bellow steps and be sure at the end to upgrade your firmware to the latest version!

Turn OFF wireless or any other connection that your computer might have(blue-tooth/virtual Ethernet etc)
Connect your computer directly into the LAN1 port of the Vera3 unit
Plug the power adapter in Vera and when the red light starts blinking, press and release the RESET button.
You should notice the power led to start flashing green&orange faster.
Put a static IP on your computer ( and the gateway (subnet mask will always default to - so leave it like that)
Open a command prompt / terminal and run the following commands :
5.1. ping
if you receive a reply continue, else power cycle you Vera unit and retry step 3
5.2. telnet
if you don’t have telnet, please install it accordingly to your OS
After you’re connected to the unit through telnet you should see a command prompt like this :

In there run these commands:

flash_eraseall -j /dev/mtd7 sync echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger

Now the Vera unit should reboot and you should see it booting up. It might take a couple of minutes, first the POWER LED should be solid orange, then blink green&orange slow when it’s booting and after that green solid when it finished booting up.
Change your IP address back on automatically or and gateway
Check that the Dashboard loads on after all the LEDs are on and solid green
Now your Vera unit is reseted to factory defaults and is running the same base firmware and MiOS firmware as it was before, so you should :
first upgrade your firmware by visiting : and then on the new version
restore a previous backup of your unit from your account ( 1(be sure to login) -> Setup -> Backups).
Micasaverde  Vera3  domotica 
17 days ago by dominomaster
Firmware Flash Vera3 - MiCasaVerde
 Setup your computer to connect to Vera 3  
Computer IP:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: 
Begin the process for flashing the firmware
Use a network cable (CAT5e) and plug the cable from your PC into Vera's LAN1 port.  
Unplug Vera from the power cord.
Holding down Vera's ZWAVE button whilst pluging in the power cord back in. Wait about 3s after you plugged the power cord back with the ZWave button pressed. <br>When releasing the ZWave button, USB1 LED should be blinking.  
If the USB1 LED is not blinking, turn Vera off and try again(PLEASE doublecheck FIRST!!! The LED blinking can be very faint!).
Start Vera3 Firmware Recovery Tool.
Click "Browse target" button.
Vera should appear in targets list.
Click on "*UN*checkPID" radiobox
Select "EraseALL" from dropdown box. (<- this will update your unit bootloader also)
Click the [Files] button.
Download the file: Vera3 Recovery Firmware and save it on your computer.
Select the file Vera3 Recovery Firmware
Click the [Open] button to get the file.
Click on the [OK] button on the BIN File Information dialog box.
Click on the [Upgrade] button. File will be flashed, and you will see a dialog box saying success - close Upgrade Tool.
Put your computer's IP back to DHCP (Automatically Configure) and Vera will assign an IP like
Please wait until Vera automatically reboots and the WAN led starts double blinking or it's solid (this can take 10 to 30 minutes).  
When you see the ZWave led solid, you are done. 
Micasaverde  Vera3  domotica 
17 days ago by dominomaster
Factory Reset - MiCasaVerde
HOWTO get Vera back to the factory default state

You can return Vera to the factory default state, wiping out all the configuration changes you have made.

First, if you want to reset the Z-Wave network, that is the list of Z-Wave devices that you have paired using Vera's black Z-Wave dongle, open Vera's Setup page and click 'Devices', then 'Z-Wave Options' and then 'Reset Z-Wave Network'.

--todoal: show zwave options screen shot
Next, if you also want to reset everything else in Vera, including any changes you've made to Vera's networking, any rooms or scenes or users you've added, your location settings, and so on, then from Vera's setup page click 'Advanced', 'Backup' and click 'Restore Factory Defaults'. Alternatively, you can press the black button on the back of Vera marked 'restore' twice in rapid succession, then watch the power light on the front of Vera. The power light will go out when Vera is doing a reset. In order to avoid accidentally resetting Vera and losing your data, you have to double press the black button quickly. So if the power light doesn't go out, try again until it does. On Vera 2 with UI5, Vera 3 and Vera Lite you have to keep the Reset button pressed for 10 seconds. On Vera 2 you will find the Reset button on the back of your unit, on Vera 3 you will find the Reset button on the back of the unit and on Vera Lite you will find the Reset button on top, next to the "-" sign.
--todoal: show backup screen shot
It is also possible to do a complete hard reset to factory settings. See Reference.

Note: This also resets Vera's security key! This means if you have paired secure devices, and you do not reset the Z-Wave network, they will no longer work after you do a factory reset. At present, only Z-Wave door locks are secure devices. Remember that doing a factory reset, such as double clicking the black button, does not reset the Z-Wave network. Any devices that were paired with Vera before the reset will still be paired after the reset. Secure devices, like door locks, will still be paired after a factory reset. But, since the factory reset creates new secure encryption keys, the devices will no longer work. You have to remove them from the Z-Wave network, and then add them again.
Micasaverde  Vera3  domotica 
17 days ago by dominomaster
Vera 3 How do I reset back to factory defaults is I can't communicate with it?
Hello all

I want to set my Vera 3 back to the factory defaults. I got a Vera 3 to replace a Vera 2. I backup up the 2 and restored to the 3. I was able to see my devices, but I received an error message if I tried to turn on/off a light (my Vera 2 has been working for about a year so my switches were set up properly). I believe the error message was that it could not communicate with the device. Also, in the area at the top of the screen when I went to the Vera 3 UI, there was something about not being able to communicate with the Zwave dongle.

I have my router handing out IP address as I have for many months. I set up a static IP address for Vera - the same that I was using with Vera 2. The lights that I am seeing now are: green power light (steady on), WAN light (flashing quickly) and the Zwave light (solid on). I searched and it would seem that the quickly flashing WAN light means that there is no internet connection to Vera.

I have held the reset button down for 10 seconds after plugging it in and that does not seem to work.

(1) So, how do I set it back to factory defaults using the buttons on front of the unit (reset, help, Zwave)?
(2) What is the help button on the front of the unit suppose to do?

Thanks for the help!
Micasaverde  Vera3  domotica 
17 days ago by dominomaster
Networking Setup - MiCasaVerde
IMPORTANT NOTE: Vera's automatic network configuration may be disabled
To make Vera as easy as possible for the novice user, Vera will attempt to configure the network automatically for you.  This means if you have an existing home router, Vera will work well with it.  And if you do not, Vera will assume the role of your primary home router automatically.  But, once you go to Vera's 'Net & Wi-Fi' tab and make any changes, then Vera assumes you know what you're doing, and Vera will not again attempt to automatically configure the network unless you reset Vera to the factory default.  This means, for example, that if you manually turn off Vera's firewall, and you then put Vera directly on the internet, other people may be able to access your Vera.  For most users, we recommend you just leave the network settings alone and let Vera handle everything automatically.
Micasaverde  Vera3  domotica 
17 days ago by dominomaster
SOLVED: VeraPlus Can't Connect to Internet
Below is what I did to correct the issue:
1.  On my work network, I went to the "Net & Wi-Fi" tab under the Settings tab and changed the "How does Vera connect to the Internet?" response to "Manually configure (advanced)".
2.  Then, I changed the Network Connection Type to "Static IP", and changed the static IP address to an IP address on the same subnet as my home network router, but the last number to an address that is outside of the DHCP range.  For example, my router IP address is, and it assigns DHCP IP addresses in the range from to  I set the VeraPlus static IP address to
3.  I then changed the subnet mask to, the gateway to, and set the DNS numbers to the values specified by my router on the router's web page.
4.  I then disabled the firewall and turned off DHCP server (already was off).
5.  After making these changes, the VeraPlus could no longer communicate on my work network since my work network does not use 192.168.1.x IP addresses, but when connecting the VeraPlus on my home network, it worked correctly.
Micasaverde  Vera3  domotica 
17 days ago by dominomaster
Control para SONOS y luces Philips
domotica  senic  philips  hue  sonos 
june 2019 by luispautt
Promoción Insteon
Un HUB Insteon compatible con Alexa, un echo dot y además dos switch dimmer.
insteon  domotica  alexa 
may 2019 by luispautt

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