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Domino's CEO's parting shot - we're going to be 100% digital
‘If you figure today we are north of 60% on our digital orders and about 10% of our orders are walk-in orders -people just walking into the store and somebody takes the order there – and those can be handled with kiosks, so that’s how those are going to be digital. But you’re looking at, today, 25% or maybe slightly more that are still old-fashioned phone orders. And think maybe three minutes average on the phone for somebody to take a phone order.’
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If you've ordered with Dominos, your personal data's been stolen : australia
RT : If you’ve ordered with Dominos Australia, your personal data’s been stolen /HT
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Hitler Is Informed His Pizza Will Arrive Late | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Hitler Is Informed His Pizza Will Arrive Late Title speaks for itself. Tribute to PhilEAF92 Property of Constantine Film Production GmbH JOIN US NOW IN THE DOWNFALL PARODIES FORUM Hitler Is Informed His Pizza Will Arrive Late
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