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Wild Dolphins Learned to 'Tail-Walk' From Captive Ones - The Atlantic
That became clear after she was released back to Port River. She tail-walked around Bossley’s boat. She tail-walked in the bow of ships—the only dolphin ever known to do so. Then, in 2007, Bossley and his team of volunteer observers saw another female, called Wave, perform the trick. Her proficiency grew as Billie’s health started to falter. And after Billie died of kidney failure in 2009, “Wave’s tail-walking exploded, and she started doing it all the time,” says Luke Rendell from the University of St. Andrews. “The sheer number of times she did it was probably the influence that got other dolphins to do it, too.”
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Whale Fossils Reveal Bizarre Evolution, Amazing Adaptations
"Pakicetus fits into the bestiary of these early whales that are experimenting with various ecological modes. It may have looked more like a dog or a wolf—others looked more like otters or sea lions—but all these variations ended extinct. Those branches begat nothing, but there was one that did beget the whales we have today, and those were the ones that went fully aquatic, divorcing themselves from the land. That one branch then radiated into the 80-odd species of cetaceans we see today. Not just the big ones. Dolphins and porpoises all descend from that ancestral whale that went back to the water full time."
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Surfin' into the August like ...

Guaranteed to make you !

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Tapetum lucidum - Wikipedia
"The tapetum lucidum /təˈpiːtəm/ (Latin: "bright tapestry; coverlet", plural tapeta lucida)[1] is a layer of tissue in the eye of many vertebrates. Lying immediately behind the retina, it is a retroreflector. It reflects visible light back through the retina, increasing the light available to the photoreceptors (although slightly blurring the image). The tapetum lucidum contributes to the superior night vision of some animals. Many of these animals are nocturnal, especially carnivores, while others are deep sea animals.
"Similar adaptations occur in some species of spiders.[2] Most primates, including humans, lack a tapetum lucidum, and compensate for this by perceptive recognition methods."
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We're "jumping for joy" over this great news for the health of the ! : appearing by the…
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From Homeless to a Multi-Million Dollar Contract: The Remarkable Story of NFL Draft Pick Minkah Fitzpatrcik – Faithwire
Christian article (with video) about new Dolphins safety Minkah Fitzpatrick and how grateful he is of his parents and their sacrifices after being drafted.
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april 2018 by milligan00
show the sleeping habits of various animals. put one half of their brain to sleep at a time.…
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april 2018 by shawnday
show the sleeping habits of various animals. put one half of their brain to sleep at a time.…
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