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How Etsy Does Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps
Very impressive. I particularly like the use of Tester Dojos to get through a backlog of unwritten tests -- we had a similar problem recently...
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december 2014 by jm
Recipe(tried): Dojo Carrot Tahini Dressing -
this one looks really close and has tahini in it which most others don't
vegan  recipes  dojos  dressing 
july 2014 by clintfisher
Aikido Association of America Activities and Services
The Aikido Association of America (AAA) is a nationally-based organization, with an affiliation of over 140 facilities in the United States. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, AAA provides instruction developed under the late chief instructor, Shihan Fum
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december 2006 by iblee
Reflections of Frontline Dojos in Asia
A Story of Zen no Aikido * and Bananas By Gaku Homma, Nippon Kan Kancho March 20th, 2006 This first article was written from an outline of Homma Kancho’s teachings at a special fundraising seminar for orphanage support in Bangladesh held at Nippon Kan H
Nippon  Kan  Aikido  dojos  Aikidoka  developing  countries  poor  Morihei  Ueshiba  life  hardship  struggles  triumphs  success  story  stories  inspirational  inspiration 
july 2006 by 44sunsets

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